Saturday Summary Sales Smiles – CafePress shop (September and October 2018)

Connecting with people via my various online shops, 13 years and counting, is still an amazing feeling. I literally clap my hands each time an alert hits my inbox.
Thank you so much to my visitors from California to Massachusetts.

Monthly Summary Sales Smiles for June from my CafePress shop

Thanking my customers from: Massachusetts, Florida, California, Pennsylvania and Kentucky  for visiting my CafePress shop and choosing to make these wonderful purchases.


Khoncepts Boston Swan Boats Art Deco Designs












My entire life was forever altered after having 2016 thyroid cancer surgery resulting in painful, internal surgical scar tissue adhesions in my neck. Everyday is a struggle but I’m alive and am still artistically inclined, so while I no longer walk everyday, I do have thousands of photographs on my hard drives to work with.

The Boston Public Garden was one of my favorite places to stroll through each morning and take pictures. I chose a photo of the Boston Swan Boats from my 2009 file folder to update using my iPad Pro, a black background and an art deco filter app.

Pain has shown me how to balance my life while remaining creative in the best way possible. Click the images below to see them in my shop. Enjoy!


Sunday Sales Summary Smiles, January 23 to February 11, 2017

Sunday Sales Summary Smiles, January 23 to February 11, 2017
CafePress and Zazzle shop

I received the title of “family photographer” when I was 15 years old. Back in those days, lol, cameras used 35mm film that involved buying the film and paying to have it processed. Unlike the current digital technology, I couldn’t afford to experiment and take just any old photo so I learned about angles, lighting and composition.

I’m happy to say, my style of photography is enjoyed worldwide on a variety of gift items featuring the ones I’m sharing below found in two of my online shops.

Thanking them and everyone who visits. 🙂

Bermuda Collage by Khoncepts Rectangle Magnet
by Khoncepts (sold in Florida!)

St. Maarten Collage by Khonce Rectangle Magnet
St. Maarten Collage by Khonce Rectangle Magnet
by Khoncepts (sold multiples in Ohio, Nebraska, Colorado and California!)

Swan Boats in Spring - Tote Bag

Swan Boats in Spring – Tote Bag
by Khoncepts (sold in Massachusetts)



Colorfully picturesque, travel collages are my layout of choice. Collages allow me to share with you, multiple scenic photographs as one picture.


Multiple purchases (customer in Ohio)

St. Maarten Collage Rectangle Magnet by Khoncepts
Travel magnet featuring colorful photographs of Sint Maarten


Heavenly Hawaii by Khoncepts Postcard
Beautiful postcard of images in Hawaii

Heavenly Hawaii by Khoncepts Postcard
(sold in Missouri)

Photo of St. Maarten-St. Martin by Celeste Sheffey Postcard
Colorful travel images of Sint Maarten



Photo of St. Maarten-St. Martin by Celeste Sheffey Postcard

Sint Maarten ( sold in Germany)




San Juan, Puerto Rico Postcard

San Juan, PR postcard



St. Maarten Collage Rectangle Magnet by Khoncepts

Colorful images of Sint Maarten on a magnet

St. Maarten Collage by Khonce Rectangle Magnet
by Khoncepts
(sold to new customer in Nebraska!)

Saturday Sales Summary Smile: Boston, MA photo collage coffee mug

Health wise, it’s been one heck of a year for me. What was hoped to be a routine partial removal of an enlarged right thyroid turned into a diagnosis of follicular cancer. Ninety days later, I’m still recovering and am in pain management therapy which is why, after 11 years of opening a shop on it remains such a thrill to continue seeing emails popping into my Inbox saying “You’ve made a sale! Way to go!” 🙂

Thank you to my customer in Massachusetts for your multiple purchases. So glad the collage spoke to you.

Boston, MA Photo Collage by Celeste Sheffey Large

Sunday Sales Summary: For week of October 2, 2016

I just returned from yet another visit to the emergency room, thankfully with an answer to one of my medical issues. I also wanted to be sure to gather my thoughts and energy to send my weekly post, thanking my customers in NY, MI, GA, MO and NC for their purchases! Travel images were the apparent favorites. 🙂

Sunday Sales Summary: October 9th
Thanking my customers for last week’s purchases!


Throwback Thursday: when my “babies” were babies

Waking up 2 hours early in total back and leg pain gave me the impetus to get dressed and leave the house much earlier than normal, taking an alternate route to downtown Boston, walking and pushing through it,  taking a route I used to enjoy with each of my now grown children and even some of their children. I loved this little park because of the pleasant view of the river and the fun my children had many years ago in this still cute little park.

There was lots of shady trees overhead, wonderful spring breezes and the calming view of the Charles River on my left. Two short bench breaks and one hour later, I made it into town with a bit less pain and a bigger smile on my face. Memories of my babies.


How to enjoy walking through Boston’s Public Garden?

How do you enjoy walking through the lovely and historic Boston Public Garden?

Allow me a few suggestions such as; maybe stop walking while texting and look up and enjoy the swans gliding along in the pond or consider leaving home a few minutes early to stroll rather than speed walk down the winding paths or even take a moment to sit on the many benches and absorb the sweet floral smells and lively chirping of the many varieties of birds.

Spring is fleeting, here’s a few snapshots for those who may have totally missed the beauty of the “first public garden” in the United States. ☺️

How to enjoy walking through the Garden
Walking through the Boston Public Garden