Home and wedding accessories designed with Shamrocks art

Khoncepts Shamrocks Home Accessories on Society6 

 Quirky home decor designed for St. Patrick’s Day. The shower curtain or wall hanging can be customized for those wedding couples with Irish ancestry with names and dates! Contact me below.

For my more hands on customers, my Zazzle shop allows everyone to personalize similar items by adding text and photos, order, have shipped and enjoy!











Khoncepts Back to School – Black, White and Red School Accessories

Vibrantly bold Black, White and Red School Accessories for class and dorm room. Classy shower curtains that double as window curtains, customized three ring binders, duvet coverts, throw pillows and more! What are your favorite colors? 🙂

Khoncepts on Artsadd






Black, Red and White Graffiti on CafePress






Black, Red and White Stripes on CafePress






Black, white and red kaleidoscope 9070 on CafePress






Loads of Black, White and Red home decor and gifts on Zazzle!



Back to school – Sheffey Fonts dorm room decor in pink and yellow

Super special Sheffey fonts in pink and yellow rainbow colors. Amazing gift ideas for a Sheffey baby shower, a Sheffey celebration and especially for a dorm room setting.








Colorful, Sheffey fonts comforter, in different sizes

Amazingly colorful dorm room accessories for her
Pink and Yellow Sheffey Shower Curtain for her dorm room. Can also be used as window curtains for a private room setting.


Personalized Sheffey gifts for her
Pink and Yellow back to school dorm room accessories such as this colorful pillow























Sheffey Fonts hand and bath towel










What name would you like to have designed?














All occasion monogrammed Letter R Home Decor and fashion wear

I have quite a large extended family whose members last name begins with the letter R.

A few years ago, I had a bit of fun experimenting with a variety of fonts and sizes using the letter R. Rather than choosing just one font, I decided to merge them all to create this patterned home décor bathroom shower curtain. Double duty as bedroom curtains or even a fancy party backdrop. The perfect all occasion, not just Christmas or birthday gift. Contact me and provide the initial you wish to use for your design.

Monogrammed Letter R Home Decor
Monogrammed Letter R Home Decor and fashion accessory


Happy Birthday Photo Backdrop Memento

Other than a quick ironing touch-up, (don’t judge – we lugged it from Boston to Maryland) everyone loved the my personalized shower curtain as Dad’s 84th BBQ birthday party backdrop!

We ended up moving the curtain behind Dad and taking really nice family photos and the best part is Dad now has a uniquely usable birthday gift for his small, assisted living space along with memories of a successful family event featuring Dad meeting his great-great granddaughter – yes, 5 generations !

Unique idea for birthday backdrop
Clever idea of using a shower curtain as an event backdrop

Creating a 12 month hot pink calendar with matching home decor – what was I thinking?

Lots of photographs, loads of graphic art of those photographs and now I have somewhere to combine them into one glorious product – a 12 month calendar!

But what was I thinking?? LOL I had a specific idea in mind, using a colorful collage as the cover of the calendar, featuring each image of the collage for the months January to December.

Sounded easy yes? No. 🙂

  • It took a while to choose and/or create a total of 12 pictures for the months as well as, the front and back cover for 14 altogether.
  • Each one had to be named for easy uploading so that were in the order I needed them to be for the calendar
  • Several hours later,  all were photos were properly sized
  • Each image was entered one by one and looking good as they fit the calendar template per month
  • Calendar was titled
  • Description written and copied to my arts summary document (over 600 pages)
  • Keywords chosen
  • Acknowledged all art was mine
  • and hit post for sale
  • Part 3 – social media postings and website updates

My family stopped commenting on how this makes me so happy. I hope my calendars and matching home decor items brings you a bit of joy as well and yes, I’m setting up new work files for more calendars!

Hot Pink Cabbage Rose 2017 Calendar Designs
Hot Pink Cabbage Rose 2017 Calendar Designs

Combining photography with graphic art
Graphics transforming photography into art.

Black, white and red kaleidoscope flowers 9054

For lovers of red, black and white! Home decor and fashion attire featuring black, white and red graffiti art transformed into this stunningly bold floral kaleidoscope design 9054.

Also showing are six additional new artworks in the pipeline to complete.

Send me your favorite 3 colors and let me work a little magic.

Red, black and white graphic art