Fashion Friday – Khoncepts Flip Flops and Swimwear Ideas for Her

flip flops with matching swimsuits

Customized flip flops with matching bathing suits and even beach towels Visit three of my online shops to see additional design prints!

Or send me your favorite colors and let’s create a few samples for you.

Thank you!


Fashion Friday – Personalized Hooded Sweatshirts

Sweatshirt personalized with your name
Personalized sweatshirt

Shopping in stores is not my favorite way to spend a few hours. Browsing for hours online, praying I find something I like, with my colors and in my size is my second least favorite activity. What I do LOVE, is deciding what I want to wear from items in my shops and designing them to match my accessories such as boots, shoes or pants.

I also feel it’s important to periodically purchase items from my shops, checking for quality, color and shipping issues if any. I can absolutely recommend these hooded pullover sweatshirts. I have two from my Artsadd shop (one featured by me above) and this time, I ordered two of the zip up hoodies styles.

They have a bit of stretch being made of Polyester and some Spandex and are quite comfy. Oh, and the pullover sweatshirt has a front pocket.

Send me your favorite colors, the text or name you’d like to feature and let’s create something special for you. Shipping is free and takes about three weeks.

Fashion Friday – black and bronze fashion wear











I love designing the majority of my fashion wear by including black, in a little amount or a large amount. I just created this black and bronze pattern on my iPad and have it on order! It will look super with my boots and I’ll need a new more updated jacket. I’m sure my daughters will be happy to help me choose something that isn’t long and boring. 🙂

Fashion Friday – featuring cute, personalized nightgown for granddaughter

personalized night gown for baby granddaughter
Cute personalized baby nightgown for my granddaughter

Flashback to July 28, 2013 featuring my beautiful grand baby Number 5 named Adrianna, at one month old wearing her cute, personalized nightgown. All of my children wore this style, I loved them because it was easy for me to change them and comfortable for them wear.

It’s quite a bit of fun being able to custom design and add names to my gift designs, as none of the names of my family members could ever be found in a regular brick and mortar store.



Fashion Friday – Hot Pink Bougainvillea dress and gift bag designs












Pretty hot pink Bougainvillea plant inspired this stunning Boho square dress and these beautiful gift bags. It took awhile to adjust the photo to properly fit the medium and large size gift bags but the end results came out amazingly well.

Photo was taken in Ochos Rios, Jamaica.

P.S. I think this style dress would look fantastic on former First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Hot Pink Bougainvillea Square Dress

Fashion Friday – Autumn Radials Fashion Wear

This beautiful VP square dress and sporty fashion wear were inspired by autumn’s warm neutral earth tones of sepia, russet, deep green and mauve as graphic art. Scroll to the bottom to view the individual items and/or click the links to each store featuring these pattern on various products.

  1. Autumn Mosaics Designs on Artsadd
  2. Autumn Mosaics Designs on Print All Over Me
  3. Autumn Mosaics Designs on Zazzle



Fashion Friday – Light and dark pink watercolors for Moms and Daughters

Lovely shades of pink dresses for Moms and daughters
Pinkalicious shades for Moms and Daughters

I’m having a bit of fun making plans with the family for a photo session this summer. I have two daughters, a daughter-in-law, five granddaughters and one great-granddaughter. They’ll love wearing these two different style and colors.

I will figure out something equally intriguing for my two sons and one grandson.

Fashion Friday – Dark orange and hot pink all occasion dress

Designer Notes
Dark orange and hot pink VP Square dress Classy all occasion orange and pink dress. Wonderful option as a bridesmaid dress as it comes in XXS to XXXXL. No straps to worry about, no slippage, no tugging, just a super simple yet elegant fit.

After being a beautiful bridesmaid you could then wear this stunning dress to a fancy event like a dinner on a cruise ship.

all occasion dark orange and hot pink dress
Gorgeous all occasion orange and pink dress


Shipping Information

  • Free shipping on orders over $150
  • You can expect your order to arrive in 10-14 business days


Fashion Friday – Watercolor Gradient Bubble Brown Dress

Beautiful all occasion dress designed using a photograph transformed into cool jewel tone gradient shades of russet browns. Wouldn’t this make a fabulous bridesmaids dress with fancy jewelry accessories and shoes!!

Classy yet comfortable bridesmaid or all occasion dress
Beautiful shades of brown all occasion dress


This square dress is a Various Projects staple. This giant square is one of the most wearable and versatile thing you’ll ever design/own. Made from the finest 100% Silk crepe de chine in the world.


  • Machine wash cold and hang dry. Do not iron or bleach.
  • Since every piece is entirely custom made, it may take 2-4 weeks for production. Designers will receive 10% of sales from VP products.