Wearable Wednesday – Neckties for him or her!

Lively neckties for all occasions. Casual, trendy, stripes, watercolors and abstracts for him and for all of the ladies that also enjoy wearing neckties, I have colors for you as well. Visit my Zazzle store and choose your favorites.

Sunday Sales Summary Smiles : Purple, Pink and Orange Tie Dye

Hot pink neon purple and orange tie dye home decor bathroom accessories very reminiscent of the 60's.
Pink, purple and orange tie dye bathroom home decor.

Purple, pink and orange tie dye bath mat. A client, in Massachusetts, happily imagined this vibrantly stunning purple, hot pink and bright orange tie dye bath mat in her home and purchased a few pieces of the set. Wow!

•Quick-drying foam core, SBR non-skid backing.
•Machine wash in cold water at gentle cycle. Use mild detergent, tumble dry low, shake to restore fluff, do not bleach, wash separately, do not use fabric softener.

By celeste@khoncepts.com

Vivid Purple, hot pink and neon orange bathroom home and dorm room decor

Amazingly colorful bathroom accessories of vivid purple, hot pink and neon orange.
Personalized with these creatively updated tie dye abstract art prints on tie dye shower curtain, tie dye rug, and the soap dispenser/toothbrush holder set.

Who do we know that would love to have these in their home and dorm room!!

Tie Dye Heaven
Tie Dye Heaven