Wearable Wednesday – Neckties for him or her!

Lively neckties for all occasions. Casual, trendy, stripes, watercolors and abstracts for him and for all of the ladies that also enjoy wearing neckties, I have colors for you as well. Visit my Zazzle store and choose your favorites.

Red and Yellow Starburst 7689 Bathroom Decor












Spring weather is taking it’s sweet time to arrive in Massachusetts. Designing a few spring inspired watercolor decor products in my Zazzle shop helps bring some of it indoors.

Fashion Friday – Khoncepts Pink, Orange and Yellow Fashion Ideas

Khoncepts Pink, Orange and Yellow Fashions

 One beautiful, pink, orange and yellow watercolor pattern featured on three dress options! Dressy or casual, which style is yours. 🙂

Square Dress on PAOM
Bodycon Dress on CowCow
Long Dress on Artsadd
Flip Flops on Zazzle

Khoncepts Pink, Red and Orange Gradient Fashions for him and her

Vibrant tones of hot pink, red and orange gradient watercolors featuring these beautiful fashion items for him and her. I almost want to create an event just to have an occasion to wear them. 🙂



all occasion dark orange and hot pink dress
Gorgeous all occasion orange and pink dress








Wearable Wednesday – Khoncepts Gradient Green Dresses for her and her

Khoncepts Gradient Green Dresses 














Stylish, yet comfortable, flowing gradient green dresses for                Mom / Daughter, Aunt/Niece, Godmother/Goddaughter, outdoor weddings and events like a family cruise!

The Square Dress is super comfortable but needs a slip which is not sold with this dress.

Square Dress                               Girl’s Tent Dress


Khoncepts Yellow Gradient Bath Decor

An eye catching bath set featuring swirls of light, medium and darker yellow gradient watercolors overlooking the water is a retirement dream of mine. At the very least, I plan to rent someone’s home for a month, in a yet to be determined country, that has a water view.

Khoncepts Yellow Gradient Bath Decor


Shower curtain

Bath rug

Bath accessory

Bath accessory

Khoncepts Hot Pink to Light Pink Gradient Bath Decor











I currently share the main bathroom with several other family members. I love daydreaming about having my own private bathroom. This pretty bathroom version features gradient shades of hot pink to light pink bath decor along with crystal accessories. I did double duty by using the shower curtain as window curtains with a matching plush bath mat.

What would be your favorite colors to use as a gradient design? Visit my online shop for other gradient design colors or let me know below.



Fashion Friday – Pink, Orange and Yellow Watercolor Khoncepts

Fashion Friday featuring Pink, Orange and Yellow colors swirling, blending, melting into one another, creating these beautiful, fashion wear and accessories.


  1. Khoncepts Pink, Orange and Yellow Watercolor Designs on Artsadd
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  3. Khoncepts Pink, Orange and Yellow Watercolor Designs on Zazzle