Ecuadorian Stain Glass Designs – home decor and fashion designs

Ecuadorian Stain Glass‘  is a vibrant, multi-color graphic design using a stain glass art filter on my iPad. Creating patterns that can be used used for fashion accessories, gift wrapping products, gift wrapping items and home decor such as the bath accessories featured in this image is only half the fun. Opening the package and seeing how true to color the items are is everything!

Ecuardorian Stain Glass design can also be found in my Artsdadd shop. Awhile back, I did a blog post featuring this pattern as a beautiful area rug.

Ecuadorian Stain Glass – Zazzle shop (the bath towel)
Ecuadorian Stain Glass – Society6 shop (the bath rugs)
Ecuadorian Stain Glass – Artsadd shop

Thank you and enjoy visiting my three shops featuring this exciting print on a variety of products. Feel free to contact me if you have questions, using the form below.

Black, White and Red Fish Eye Art for your kitchen

Several members of my family and I, we all love the colors: black, white and red. These Black, White and Red Fish Eye patterned kitchen towels also are a great option to use as table placemats. Look how large they are with a full size plate. I ordered eight using Zazzle’s many discount specials.

Send me a note and let me know what colors you’d like to have for your  kitchen towels/placemats.

Bathroom decor inspired by pretty Violet Bluebells in Herschberg, Germany

This pretty Violet Bluebell bath mat, was inspired by my photograph of bluebell flowers I spotted while visiting the quaint country town of Herschberg, Germany, home to my 7x great grandfather, Peter Scheffe. You can read about my trip on my brother’s blog post

My son’s girlfriend mention she loves purple so I created and ordered two plush bath mats in the large size. Looking forward to seeing her hopefully happy and surprised face. 🙂

What photographs do you have that you’d love to use as the basis for a new color palette for your home decor? Let me know below. 🙂

Home Decor and Fashion Wear Colors inspired by a Bahamian Conch Shell

Dark Brown Beach Sand is a solid color derived from my conch shell. Souvenirs from my first visit to Nassau  in 1990 were several zip lock bags of seashells, beach sand and two large beautifully colored conch shells.

After an exhaustive, still continuing after effects from 2016 thyroid cancer surgery, it’s made more sense to tweak/add to existing art designs. In this instance, I’ve taken the individual colors from the 2012 striped pattern and made them into their own separate categories to complement the stripes. The new gifts now include the striped pattern which a customer can keep as part of the design or remove using the template options!

The  solid hues now match the Conch Seashell stripes gift products written about in a previous article on conch seashell designs

What favorite souvenir do you have that you’d like to create color prints to match? Contact me below and let’s see what we can do for you.

Saturday Sales Smile from Society6 Shop – April 2019

October 6, 2013 was the date I opened my shop on the platform. One day I created this whimsical hot pink and orange floral pop art design in 2015 using a flower silhouette with hot pink and orange. I tweaked the pattern for this item, placing more crisp white space at the top of the shower curtain. Easily match it with either white, pink or orange bath accessories.

Once or twice a year I’ll take a look at this store account to see may have enjoyed my designs and to see if anything has sold. Unlike my CafePress and Zazzle shops that send email notifications of sales, Society6 sends notices only after sales have cleared and deposited into my PayPal account.

Sunday Sales Summary Smiles for February 2019 – Zazzle shops

Thanking Zazzle customers from California to Maine for enjoying my artsy designs and still popular travel images.

Sharing below is a bit of my background story for each of the above items.

The I Heart Big Daddy graphic was posted to my shop in 2011. The colorful, all seasons Boston, MA photo collage was created in 2010. This Shamrocks bath towel was included in 2018. The serene Sint Maarten Beach Scene and Marigot Downtown photo were inspired by my 2008 trip and posted in  2012. The newest Estonia swirls art was inspired in January 2019 by one of my DNA test results. The Heavenly Hawaii postcards reflects wonderful memories of my trip to Oahu to attend my cousin’s wedding.
Visited one of my cousins living in San Antonio who took me to lunch in Gruene, Texas,
Our 2nd wonderful family cruise from Boston to Bermuda and visited Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda and one of my favorite types of patterns when creating this yellow stripes design. and Mardi Gras wish list of places to visit


Items with links and where they were sold

I Heart Bid Daddy Mousepad – (California)
Boston, MA Photo Collage Postcard– (Massachusetts)
St. Thomas – Scenic Photo Collage Magnet (Illinois)
Field of Shamrocks Bath Towels – ( 2 – California)
Sint Maarten – St. Martin Beach Scene Magnets– ( 5 – Maine)
Blue, Black and White Estonia Swirls Art 4044 Floor Mat (Massachusetts)
Sint Maarten – St. Martin Magnet (Pennsylvania)
Heavenly Hawaii Postcard24 – Massachusetts)
St. Martin and Marigot Bay Photo Magnet (Virginia)
Gruene, Texas and Guadalupe River Postcard (sold in Texas)
Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda Postcard
Yellow, White and Gray striped towel set
Mardi Gras Swirls 3589 Leggings

Send me a note if you have photos or special colors you’d like to have designed as gifts!

Travel Tuesday – Comic Wall Art of a Plaza in Madrid, Spain

This week’s Travel Tuesday features one snapshot from my trip to Spain. I was so excited to see this plaza is the same location where Forest Whitaker filmed “Vantage Point”. My son had no idea what movie I was referring to haha but I was thrilled to be there and looked forward to jazzing the image up a bit with a few different filter apps once we returned back to our hotel later that evening.

I selected a comic art filter as it obscures the people with the colorful tops creating an eye catching photographic wall home decor.

Please also visit my other store collection on Society6/CelesteSheffey for pillows, shower curtains and more images of Spain.

Thank You Thursday – Mardi Gras Themed Gift Purchases

I had my enlarged and slowly growing right thyroid removed, September 9, 2016. While the cancerous removal was considered “successful”, my life was forever changed with debilitating after effects and internal adhesion scar tissue neck pain. Slowly, ‘fast forward’ to 2019 and I’ve finally gotten a bit of a rhythm with my life, my medical disability and thankfully my art.

Rather than churning out lots of new designs, reworking existing patterns along with colorful presentations have become a new art form in itself and I get to share a fancier way of saying Thank You for visiting my shop and choosing to the make these Purchases!

PS. Mardi Gras is March 5, 2019.

Throwback Thursday – exactly 5 years ago today!

My first Society6 customer made a purchase of two Black, Red and White designed throw pillows five years ago today, January 3, 2014! It’s so exciting that there are folks out there who also enjoy my eclectic ‘art khoncepts’ patterned home decor and gift items.

Sunday Summary Sales Smiles for November 2018- Khoncepts Zazzle Shops

to my customers from the United Kingdom to New Hampshire for visiting and enjoying an assortment of gift selections in a few of my Zazzle shops during the month of November featuring travel photos, colorful graphic art home decor and sentiments using fun fonts!


You Are Amazing Greeting Card
San Juan, Puerto Rico Postcard
Sint Maarten – St. Martin Beach Scene Magnet
Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda Ornament
Happy 50th Anniversary Bottle Label
Neon Pop Art 4544 Bermuda Throw Pillow
Shades of Pink Stripes Tissue Paper
Red, Orange and Yellow Watercolor Gradient Fabric
Sint Maarten – St. Martin Ocean Blue Seascape Postcard
Neon Pop Art 4544 Bermuda Tote Bag
Grand Turk Postcard
St. Thomas Scenic Photo Collage Magnet
Iceland Summer Landscape Collage 3 Ring Binder
Downtown St. Martin Classic Round Stickers
St. George Bermuda Postcard
Marigold Mandala Postcard
Astral Gummy Bears Ornament
Embossed Chalk Shades of Purple and Red Kitchen Towel
Sint Maarten Photo Collage Magnet
Boston Swan Boats Pencil and Ink Greeting Card
Iceland Summer Landscape Collage Medium Gift Bag
Military Inspired Green and Brown Gift Wrapping
Pastel Rainbow Stripes Bath Towels
Oranjestad, Aruba in Watercolor Postcard
Sint Maarten – St. Martin Ocean view Puzzle
Sint Maarten Photo Collage Postcard
St. Martin and Marigot Bay Postcard
Black, White and Red Bathroom Set
Neon Pop Bermuda 4544 Greeting Card