Received my new Black, White and Red kitchen towels aka placemats

Home decor accessories designed, ordered and delivered to me, all without leaving home is a trifecta of fabulousness. Featured today are eight large kitchen towels that will be used as table placemats on my glass dining table.

My Zazzle shops  always feature special discounts boldly shown in red. Be sure to apply the newest promo codes when you check out your cart. Another bonus is receiving an additional discount for your next order when you provide a review on your received purchases. Contact me below if you are looking for specific color combinations not already listed in my store. 🙂

Rose pink and light blue calendar for girls and boys

Rose pink and light blue calendar for girls and boys

Light pink and blue graphic designed calendar would make a beautiful addition to a baby’s bedroom for girl and boy twins.

Each month features a uniquely eye catching pattern. At the end of the year, frame your favorites!

This pattern print can also be created on various electronics and home décor items such as wall clocks, duvet covers, pillows and baby blankets.

Creatively designed luggage bags for your business, trademark shows or family vacations

Creatively designed luggage bags for your business, trademark shows or family vacations. You can choose to personalize existing designs I’ve created or I can assist you with personalizing your own special made bag using the color selections provided along with your text or family photo. 

The bag featured here is my new Khoncepts carry on luggage bag. It arrived perfectly packaged and printed exactly the image I uploaded.

Colorfully personalized custom luggage bag
Personalize our luggage with your text or family photo

Sunday Sales Summary: Island life

Popular postcards featuring Hawaii and Sint Maarten
Last week’s popular product sales summary

It’s totally amazing how, 7 and 9 years later these Hawaii and Sint Maarten postcard photographs continue to be favorites of clients worldwide. Do the images evoke fond memories? or are they shots of places they’ve visited and possibly are now enjoying a different viewpoint?

Thank you for the splendid purchases. You inspire me to continue seeing and snapping my version of the world.



Saturday Scribbles and original music

Saturday sharing drawing blue scribbles created in one app and a bit of house music #Khoncepts from my Garage Band app combined while watching Cult on Netflix. I’m teaching myself how to use my various paid iPad video, music and graphic apps for new online projects.

Now that I was able to create a single music track, next step will be to figure out how to slightly modify mid track and then loop it all to run for 60 seconds.


Fashionably fun fish flip flops

Imagine wearing a pair of fashionably fun fish flip flops featuring two white and two black Oscar fish swimming in an aquarium with beige and coral rocks.

  • These quality foam rubber flip flops feature soft polyester tops & contoured rubber straps for great comfort…great as beach sandals, pool shoes, or party slippers
  • Womens, Mens & Kids sizes available.

They make a great conversation starter or we could use your personal photo for your own unique design!! Contact me below and let’s have a great summer, our feet will thank us. 🙂

Fun, fish photo flip flops
Fashion Friday – flip flop designs

Wedding Wednesday: Super St. Patrick’s Day wedding suggestion

Super St. Patrick’s Day shamrock suggestion for 2017! Your St. Patrick’s Day wedding photo background will be quite the conversation piece boldly featuring your name and wedding date!
Consider placing the shower curtain behind the wedding cake or outdoors for a wildly entertaining photo booth idea.

St. Paddy's Day wedding backdrop suggestion
Shamrocks for a St. Patrick’s day wedding

How your child can easily bring summer memories to school in the Fall

Make back to school even more exciting by sending your child with personalized school assignment accessories. A few years back, my youngest child and I co-designed his 3 ring binder with two of sketch artwork and a few photos of his trips we took that summer.  He chose the background color of a rich green and the side spine text showing where he had visited. The added benefit of successfully keeping track of the binder all school year was an a bonus.

This summer, consider setting aside a few memorable summer photo and souvenir items of your child’s vacation from school. Scan or take pictures of souvenirs such as movie tickets, park admissions, favorite restaurant menu and more.

Products usually take about ten days to ship. Compile them and depending on the back to school start date, design and order a binder, matching notebook and even a backpack.

I love this process and would be very happy to assist!

Collages can come in a variety of formats. We chose one containing 11 images of different sizes or we could have picked a nine block formatted outlay.

Your child will enjoy having a school accessory designed specifically for them and you’ll be happy knowing you helped keep those great summer memories alive.

Customizing back to school accessories for your child
Personalized back to school accessories

Sunday Sales Summary Smiles: Pink, Lime Green and white shower curtain!

I absolutely love connecting with folks all over the world who feel connected to my very eclectic style of art and photography via my various online stores.

It is truly a blessing to have found several online print on demand shops that allow me to post designs online on everything from fashion wear to cake pop desserts.

The only major drawback is not being able to personally thank my happy customers due to the fact that the stores they purchase the item from are the ones with the ability to  collect their contact information….not me.

That said, posting my appreciative “thank yous” via posts and Instagram are my only methods of sending it out to the universe.

Thank you!!!!

Captivating , hot pink, lime green and black stripes shower curtain
Hot pink and neon green home decor.

Saturday Smile! customized area rug

You have a new space such as an office. You have a nice budget to personalize your space with unique furnishings and now it’s time to decorate.

A gorgeous area rug would be a wonderful accent piece. Much like a gorgeous framed photo. You can search for hours on the internet or you could consider providing me your three favorite colors.

Another fab alternative is to email a personal photo. I would adjust as needed and send you a preview of the final design before purchase.

Spending the majority of our time in a gorgeous work environment can only increase our creativity yes!

My handy design consultation form is Design Consultation Form.

6x4 black white and red ellipticals area rug by