Fashion Friday: Umbrella Style

Periodically when my online stores advertise amazing sales, I take advantage of them to purchase my own products. I love ordering from my different stores for several reasons, the most important one being quality control.

It’s very important that anyone ordering my designs receive beautifully made items. My two, 3 year old tote umbrellas were still in working condition but totally beat up so imagine my utter delight spotting a super sale offer in my inbox. I immediately decided to order the larger hook handle umbrella rather than another small tote.

Less than three weeks later my package arrived. Oh boy! 🙂 I took several minutes to open the box as I wasn’t sure how it was packaged and I didn’t want to damage it by accidentally cutting the umbrella. Word of caution, it was tightly wrapped in plastic. I was extremely careful removing the plastic, wow, what a process but so worth it once it was free and opened to 43 inches in diameter and 35 inches length.

The first rainy day had me smiling during my entire commute and yes that’s a selfie of me in the elevator – isn’t it great. LOL

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Customized umbrella design
Black, white and red all over umbrella


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Hot pink and orange floral print designs.