Tasty looking beef quesadilla photograph accepted on Alamy.com!

For years, my family has endured my fondness of taking foodie photos before anyone can eat their meal. I was a foodie photographer before it even became a thing lol.

Recently, one of my brothers and I had to travel to Maryland to relocate our Dad from an assisted living facility to the DC/VA Hospital Community Living Center. We rewarded ourselves with a quick bite to eat at Johnny Pistolas in Adams Morgan, DC. We were fortunate to arrive before the dinner rush hour and were seated at a table right by the window that had the perfect lighting for a food photo.

As an added bonus, not only did the quesadilla photograph nicely, it was quite delicious!


Gold and Gray Confetti 4302 Fashionwear

I was never much of a clothes shopper before my cancer surgery, I know, :-), Really, it’s true. And now due to painful, internal surgical adhesion scarring, I rarely leave the house. However, when I do venture out, I still like to look nice so designing fashion outfits has become a favorite activity.

I admit it brings a special joy to my soul to be complimented while wearing my creations. This print was done to match my favorite gold head wrap.

I took a photo of my gold head wrap on my iPad, added the image to one of my graphic art apps, included the colors of black and white and managed to come up with several magical selections. Happy day! Can’t wait to order these for my trip to Sweden.


2018 Wall Calendar Art Khoncepts

Hanging a beautiful wall calendar may seem a bit old fashion, however for quite a few of my clients and family members like being able to have a cheerfully visual back-up to  electronic reminders.

My 80+ year old Aunt especially loves wall calendars as she is not on the computer nor uses her phone in that manner. The pretty photo designs were an added bonus for her. Thanks Auntie!

A calendar theme must first be chosen; nature, color combinations or landscapes. Prior to surgery it would’ve generally take one day to chose the images, re-size the images to the correct format, write a brief description for the calendar and then publishing the finish product to the shop.  Currently, even though now it takes a few days, the process still brings loads of enjoyment, especially when viewing the end results.

Visit http://bit.ly/CalendarArt  for more eye catching selections for your home or office.


I see art everywhere – behind the scenes works in progress












Up until September 2016, I used to be out and about everyday, walking for hours and taking pictures along the way. Now, due to painful internal neck scar tissue adhesion issues, being outdoors is very carefully planned as to where I’m going and the level of activity which is why I love escorted tour companies.

Recently, I treated my son to a 21st birthday trip to Iceland using Great Value Vacations. They did an excellent job, all we had to do was get on and off the bus on time. 🙂 On one of our scenic stops were cute, little fairy houses. The original photograph is shown in the upper right hand corner of the above image. Using a few fun, filter iPad apps helped transform the slightly plain image into seven stunning autumn portraits, one of which I’m sharing with you.

Trying to remain being a half glass is full person has been challenging so it’s gratifying to have found another creative outlet.

Coming soon! Postcards, small posters, greeting cards and shower curtains using this design.


Mardi Gras Art Designs – Works in progress for the next few days

My youngest daughter was born in February and wants to celebrate Mardi Gras somewhere tropical next year which was a great reminder to dust off some of my older designs that are in my work files.

The patterns in the collage were created from a photo of a King Cake. I see art everywhere!

The leggings shown in this image were a hit last year! So let’s see what can be done with these mesmerizing green, yellow and purple prints to wear or decorate with for Mardi Gras.


Saturday Scenic Summer Images of Iceland

I had my first taste of visiting Iceland by celebrating my birthday in January 2016 where is was a magnificent landscape of white and ice.

Stunning Icelandic summer scenery

Since then I had my eyes on summer vacation package sales to celebrate my youngest child’s 21st August birthday. I chose an escorted travel vacation so my son could explore with members of the group, as I’m still not doing as well as I had hoped after my September 2016 surgery. That said, we HAD A FANTASTIC TIME! The weather co-operated with all six days of either sun or clouds but no rain and the group of 22 all got along well.

It was magical being able to check off all of my wish list items including:

  • beautiful black sand beaches
  • miles of lava fields
  • colorful puffins
  • multi-color glaciers
  • green fields and river ways
  • wonderful waterfalls
  • and even the Northern Lights

For me, an escorted tour is the way to go, leaving all the planning and traveling to the tour guide and the bus driver.  Now to go through over 800 images and several videos,  sorting by date, location and subject. Fun, fun fun. 🙂


Wearable Wednesday: Hot pink triangles fashion and accessories


Yesterday, I showcased my home decor items featuring this hot pink design. Today, I’m reintroducing my hot pink fashion wear and accessories! Home decor and/or fashion designs, which do you love?!

Hot pink triangles fashion as art
A beautiful hot pink cabbage rose photo transformed into a poster full of floating shades of pink triangles.

Home Decor – Ecuadorian Stained Glass 0760 Area Rug

Ecuadorian Stained Glass 0760 patterned area rug

Creating patterned area rugs is intensely gratifying knowing that it will easily update someone’s room with color and flair.

This eye catching Ecuadorian Stained Glass 0760 abstract design was inspired by an old photograph of a peacock and applying an app filter named Ecuador to it. It’s very beautiful as an area rug.




Ecuadorian Stained Glass 0760 Area Rug 7’x5′

  • *Made from 20% Plush, 70% Sponge, 10% Non-woven Fabric.
  • *Stain resistant, easy to vacuum, and perfect for any room and decor.
  • *Super soft and excellent hand feeling.

Click the picture to view this item in my online shop.

Thank you!

Fine Art: Rock Mandala acrylic wall art

About this artwork

Rock Mandala 9812 started out as a photograph of multi-color rocks embedded in a rose colored cement wall. A bit of tweaking with a graphic software filter created this eye catching rock mandala wall acrylic wall art numbered 9812.
It can be framed in black or white.

Acrylic Glass Print

Archival quality print mounted on the back of a 1/4″ thick, clear acrylic substrate. Polished edges. Includes wall hanging hardware. Manually numbered, signed, and shipped with a certificate of authenticity. Wow! click and visit for more framing options.

Rock Art Mandala 9812 Acyrlic Print