Travel Tuesday – Hibiscus Pink and Ocean Blue Bermuda

Traveling from Boston to Bermuda by Norwegian cruise line with two children under the age of 7 was an absolutely fantastic way to celebrate my son and his wife’s 9th wedding anniversary.

Due to my complicated medical issues, my goal to spend time with my oldest son and his family wasn’t going to involve flying, driving or taking the train. Cruising on Norwegian Gem was the perfect answer, we drove to the cruise parking lot, paid the fee, walked a short distance to the terminal, easily checked in and walked onboard, heading to the buffet.

Norwegian Gem has a children’s Splash Academy program that my 3 yr old granddaughter Gigi loved. For the most part, my 6 yr old granddaughter Adrianna really liked it, we just had to be mindful to promote it as fun for her (not just her parents lol). I also volunteered to have the grandbabies sleep in my room for a few nights so Mom and Dad could spend quality time together.

The photo above is me enjoying the wonderful ocean breezes on the top deck and one of the many beautiful images I took of the hibiscus plants throughout Bermuda.

Sunday Sales Summary Smiles for August 2019 – Celeste Sheffey Zazzle shops

Thanking my wonderful August Zazzle customers from Canada to France!

Sharing below is a bit of my background story for each of the above items.


Send me a note if you have photos or special colors you’d like to have designed as gifts saving you time and energy by not searching online or in crowded stores! 🙂



Sunday Sales Summary Smiles for January 2019 – Zazzle shops

January 1, 2019 my first sale of the month was a postcard of Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda! Normally it would be one of my images of Sint Maarten which came in second this time. Warm thoughts during a bitterly cold Northeast winter. Thanking customers from Canada, Germany, Sweden and the USA for enjoying my non-niche artsy designs. 🙂

Items with links

Horseshoe Bay Beach Postcard– (Pennsylvania)
Pink, Red and Orange Gradient Throw Pillow – (Texas)
Sint Maarten – St. Martin Beach Scene Magnet– (California)
Red, Yellow, Black and Green Swirls 3588 Tie– (South Carolina)
Boston, MA Photo Collage Postcard– (Texas)
Mardi Gras Stripes Throw Pillow – Louisiana
Mardi Gras Kaleidoscope 3589 Throw Pillow – Louisiana
Glazed Camel Art 8083 Postcard – Montana
Sint Maarten – St. Martin Photo Collage Postcard – New Mexico
Marigold Mandala Postcard – United Kingdom
Saint Maarten Photo Collage Postcard – Germany and Canada
Mardi Gras Stripes Colors bath towel set – Alabama
Sint Maarten-St. Martin 12 month calendar – New Jersey
Bermuda Playing Cards – New Jersey
Black, White and Red Stripes wrapping paper – Indiana
Mardi Gras Paint 0584 full color tank top – Pennsylvania
Laie Beach, Hawaii Postcard – Texas
Labadee, Haiti Square Magnet – Germany and Sweden
Mardi Gras Stripes Colors hand towel – Louisiana
Mardi Gras Paint 0584 Crossbody Bag – Louisiana

Saturday Summary Sales Smiles – CafePress shop (September and October 2018)

Connecting with people via my various online shops, 13 years and counting, is still an amazing feeling. I literally clap my hands each time an alert hits my inbox.
Thank you so much to my visitors from California to Massachusetts.

Sunday Summary Sales Smiles for August 2018 – Zazzle shops

Very thankful for my Zazzle customers from: Canada, Virginia, Idaho, Massachusetts, California, Maryland, United Kingdom, North Dakota, The Netherlands, Romania, New Hampshire and Missouri for enjoying my vision of the world through the lens of my Nikon camera, iPad Pro and graphic apps.


Images of Switzerland Postcard
St. Thomas Photo Collage Postcard
Sint Maarten Photo Collage Postcard
St. Maarten – St. Martin Kaleidoscope Magnet
Atlantic City Beach Photo Collage Magnet
Horseshoe Bay Beach Bermuda Drink Coasters
Pastel Stripes TissuePaper
Brown, white and black spiral Mandala #2778 tissue paper
Sint Maarten-St. Martin Photo collage magnet
Sint Maarten-Saint Maarten magnet with white border
Sint Maarten – St. Martin Oceanview magnet
Tropical Colors of Bermuda postcard
Pink, Red and Orange Gradient Binder
Labadee, Haiti magnet
Heavenly Hawaii 3 Ring Binder
Black, White and Red Ellipticals shower curtain


Saturday Summary Sales Smiles for July and August via my Artsadd, CafePress and Society6 shops

I have to admit that I was wildly pleased to see my very first sales posted to my Khoncepts Artsadd shop.

August 1, 2016 was when I opened a shop on because they sold blank umbrellas that I could add my own artwork to.  I use Artsadd to design and buy all of my dresses, however it’s wonderful to finally have some new clients who purchased the type of items that inspired me to give Artsadd a try.


Very appreciative of my longtime CafePress/khoncepts2 shop customers hailing from Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

Sint Maarten Mousepad
Bermuda Wave Tote Bag
St. Martin Magnet
Caribbean Hearts Earrings
Sint Maarten – St. Martin tile coaster
Sint Maarten-St. Martin Photo Tile Magnet

Society6 shop

Stripes of Rainbow Colors Shower Curtain

Monthly Summary Sales Smiles for June 2018 in Zazzle Shop

One of my favorite posts is thanking the customers who’ve visited my online shops and chose to make their fabulous purchases. I wish I could thank them directly.

Bermuda mugs
Bermuda postcard
Haiti postcard
Switzerland magnet
Laie, Hawaii postcard
St. George, Bermuda Postcard
Happy Birthday Skulls postcard
Black and White Stripes shower curtain
Gruene, Texas – Guadalupe River postcard
St. Martin – Marigot Bay postcard
St. Maaarten photo collage postcard
Sint Maarten Beach scene postcard

Khoncepts Sales Summary Smiles for February 2018

Khoncepts Sales Summary Smiles for February 2018 

Going against the conventional norm of “finding a niche” has been working well for me as deciding between, travel and abstract art would be impossible.

Happily, my customers agree!  Thank you all so much for enjoying my online shops and choosing to make your purchases with me. Items above have their links below.

CafePress Shop

Khoncepts Neon Pop Art – Bermuda

Neon Pop Art 4544 Bermuda gifts in my Society6 shop


Another amazing and amusing alternative to not being able to go out and take new photos. A beautiful landscape photo of downtown St. George Bermuda taken from the top deck of a cruise ship is transformed into vibrantly colorful “Neon Pop Art” travel gifts.   

Sunday Sales Summary Smiles – October 31 to November 26, 2017

Sharing my wonderful monthly Sunday Summary Sales Smiles of a variety of gift designs, thanking my clients for visiting and becoming happy customers.    🙂

I Love Big Daddy Hearts by A. Celeste Sheffey Keychain
(sold in Des Moines, Iowa) Thank You!

I Heart Big Daddy T-Shirt
I Heart Big Daddy T-Shirt
by CelesteSheffey
(sold in Des Moines, Iowa) Thank You!


(sold, Dorchester, MA ) Thank you!

(sold – Seattle, Washington ) Thank you!

(sold – Louisiana) Thank you!

(sold – Ohio) Thank You!

(sold in Australia) Thank you!

(multiple orders sold in United Kingdom) Thank you!

(multiple orders sold in United Kingdom) Thank you!

(sold in the Netherlands) Thank you!

(sold in Texas) Thank you!