Travel Tuesday – Waterfront Boston Staycation

I managed to string together four decent days of feeling pretty well, so my oldest son and his family drove into Boston, picked me up, to spend a relaxed day in town. It’s been a few years since I’ve been to the New England Aquarium. Taking pictures through glass is tricky but I had fun using my iPad to take approximately 30 decent photos without reflections of background lights and people, lol.  My 6 yr old granddaughter bravely touched the stingrays and absolutely had to see the 5pm seal show. We left the aquarium fifteen minutes before it closed and walked up to listen to a talented violinist named violinviiv.  The girls happily ran over to contribute money to the artist’s bucket and keeping their momentum going, we headed down the street to Tia’s for dinner.

Eating a kids meal pizza at Tia’s, was my 3 year old granddaughter’s favorite part of the day. Located near the waterfront, I normally don’t care to sit and eat outside but it was a nice day and my daughter-in-law really wanted the staycation experience. Our very friendly server Chris, helped make our delectable dining highly enjoyable by being pleasantly entertaining to the girls. 🙂

Christopher Columbus park playground, also by the waterfront was where we let the little ladies run off their excess energy with a later stroll through Faneuil Hall and finally through The Rose Kennedy Greenway. The rainbow color lighted water against the evening backdrop provided an awesome ending to a fabulously family day.

Travel Tuesday – Summer Visit of Iceland

My youngest son, Justyn and I spent a wonderful Great Value Vacation 6 day trip across Iceland to celebrate his 21st birthday. These 12 fantastic images featured on this crossbody bag represent highlight photos taken from Reykjavik to Westman Island and returning back to Reykjavik.

Iceland Summer Landscape Collage Crossbody Bag

Sending a big Thank You! my new customer in Minneapolis for your Iceland crossbody bag purchase. Please note there is a zipper compartment and an open compartment for your things. Enjoy!

If you have photos of your trip and would like a bag similar to this, contact me below and let’s design one for you.


Travel Tuesday – while medically challenged

Living with sometimes crippling medical issues like ulcerative colitis has slowed me but not yet totally stopped me from trying to live life. Eating is just one of my major hurdles so I’ve been forced to do one location trips vs cross country.  I had one very bad day while in Frankfurt, Germany so I made the most of it by staying in the hotel for an entire day eating several delicious plates of food from the buffet of everything I like, that sometimes causes flair-ups like fruit and coffee. Also, it was Easter Sunday and everything was closed so spending a few hours munching and taking pictures of my food, in the empty dining area, was a day well spent.😊

I should mention that 5 days before my trip I was on a very restricted diet because I needed to be sure I could even get on the plane which I almost missed due to a minor flare-up at the airport. So this one day of really eating a meal was a true treat indeed.

Travel Tuesday – Comic Wall Art of a Plaza in Madrid, Spain

This week’s Travel Tuesday features one snapshot from my trip to Spain. I was so excited to see this plaza is the same location where Forest Whitaker filmed “Vantage Point”. My son had no idea what movie I was referring to haha but I was thrilled to be there and looked forward to jazzing the image up a bit with a few different filter apps once we returned back to our hotel later that evening.

I selected a comic art filter as it obscures the people with the colorful tops creating an eye catching photographic wall home decor.

Please also visit my other store collection on Society6/CelesteSheffey for pillows, shower curtains and more images of Spain.

Travel Tuesday – 2016 Winter Trip to Iceland

I had always wanted to visit Iceland, especially with a direct flight from Boston. I decided to make that happen for my brother’s 50th January 26th birthday and as a belated January 19th birthday gift to myself. Boston folks were incredulous that we’d want to travel to Iceland rather than a warm tropical island. Thankfully, we’re a bit unconventional so I took advantage of a very inexpensive, 5 day Iceland Air package including: airfare, hotel, breakfast and travel voucher package deal and we jetted off to Reykjavik, Iceland.

10 minutes after landing, I had my brother take a photo of me in front of the Welcome to Iceland sign, we then headed to the included transport to our downtown Reykjavik hotel, located about 35 minutes from Keflavik, airport.

Day three, I decided to buy Golden Circle Tour tickets so we could visit the snowy South Iceland countryside, see the famous geysers, Gullfoss falls and all the tour had to offer. The eight hour tour was a fantastic decision. Our guide was knowledgeable, a good driver and she was very friendly.

Let me say that it was such an exciting trips, my youngest son and I went on a 6 day Great Value Vacation tour for his 21st, August 2017 birthday.

Due to medical challenges, traveling direct with no layovers with almost everything included is a major win win for me.

Travel Tuesday – Walking through Jardines del Buen Retiro in Madrid, Spain

Jardins del Buen Retiro

Planning and traveling with painful surgical after effects hasn’t totally discouraged me but has made me even more appreciative of my experiences which are now only once a year versus several times a year.  My favorite travel company posted a fabulously priced vacation package last November to Madrid, Spain. I booked it for  August so that my son could celebrate his 22nd birthday on August 22nd in Spain.

Due to a medical issue, on day three, I was stuck in my hotel room until 3pm which was fine for my son who was a bit jet lagged and napped until I could manage to leave.

We chose to visit the enormous public park located in Madrid. It was well worth the visit and was only a 10 minute walk from our hotel on Calle de Atocha. Thankfully, there are plenty of benches throughout the park, most of them under tall, shady trees for those folks  like me who have to take period rest breaks.

Tip:  The photo collage was designed to show the paths are mainly made of powdery white sand.  Please be sure to wear comfortable, easy to clean, sand friendly shoes.             You can thank me later. 🙂


Travel Tuesday – Benin/Togo Graphic Art designs based on my Ancestery DNA test results

Yellow, Red and Green Stripes of Benin 2 gift wrap packaging is inspired by the flag of Benin, Africa which is based on my Ancestry DNA test results.

Due to my medical condition, I’m not sure I could even make a trip all of the way to Benin, Africa but it is on my DNA travel list vision board and I would use an escorted tour company if I ever am able to make it that far. In doing a bit more travel research, I’d probably break up the trip by spending a few days in London prior to flying out to join the group.

In the meantime, I’ll enjoy creating graphic designs for home, fashion and gift products. Which countries can be made for you?!


Travel Tuesday – Khoncepts customized Rainbow Striped Luggage with matching tote bag

 Khoncepts Customized Rainbow Striped Luggage  

Colorful, rainbow striped luggage. Customize your bag using one of several colors for the handle, wheels and bumpers. Pair it with matching flip flops or cross body tote bag.

I love my business designed carry-on luggage bag and matching tote!!


Travel Tuesday: Colorful, personalized travel coffee mugs using

Periodically I like purchasing products from my different stores, checking for quality, color accuracy, packaging and printing.

My Celeste Sheffey’s Zazzle Gift Store had a nice 40% of sale on mugs so I designed four with a few favorite travel images with me actually in the photo. With a house full of people, I figured adding my photo will help keep them from being used. 🙂

Designing the white mugs on Zazzle requires a bit of planning.
I knew I wanted my image placed in the center, with text on the side, the location and the date of the trip.

  • First, I chose a colorful image of me.
  • Next, I went on the site, chose the option to Create and picked the mug
  • I then went to the top, far right side of the page and unchecked Advanced tools
  • The Select Background Color then became visible. Be sure to click Show More, if you don’t see a color that will either complement and/or match the image you plan to use
  • Once I’ve selected the color, I checked the Advanced Tools and added the image, sizing it and centering it until I was happy with the result
  • From here you can choose to Post for Sale as a seller
  • Or Add To Cart to purchase

As you can see from my collage, the four mugs were very well packaged in bubble wrap. The colors and text came out exactly as shown online. An added bonus is receiving a discount on future orders once I give a review of my product.

Enjoy!! and let me know if I can help you by creating mugs for you. It’s a process that I actually love doing.

pink-polka-dot-smiley-face Happy Travel Tuesday!

Personalizing coffee mugs helps when you keep track of them when you have roommates
Wonderful photo travel memento coffee mugs
Photo travel mug of Celeste Sheffey in Aruba