Sunday Sales Summary Smiles – July 3 to July 15, 2017

Sending a heartfelt, very happy, Thank You! to my customers living in Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Wisconsin and the UK.

Khoncepts Sunday Sales Summary Smiles - July 3-12, 2017




Colorful t shirt

Office accessory

Office accessory

Bar tool



Sunday Sales Summary Smiles – on CafePress – Stickers and Magnets

Conventional business wisdom states you must find a niche to be successful and while my mortgage isn’t getting paid off :-), I love being able to doodle, paint, photograph and upload designs to a variety of my stores including my first ever shop on cafepress.

Thank you for visiting and for your purchases!

Pumpkin stickers and travel magnets
Pumpkin stickers and travel magnets



Pumpkin Mosaics Square Sticker 3" x 3"

  • Our high quality fridge magnet is professionally printed on 2.125″x3.125″ metal shell (approximate size) with a flat magnetic backing. Also protected by a clear mylar/UV cover
  • Use it on a refrigerator, locker, cubicle, tool box, or as a dishwasher magnet for some attention-grabbing style
  • These novelty magnets are the perfect for any passion, magnet collection, or make unique gifts for men, women, & students
  • PID: 231459269

Pumpkin Mosaics Square Sticker 3″ x 3″
by Khoncepts


RECTANGLE MAGNET  – sold in Florida

Sunday Sales Summary Smiles, January 23 to February 11, 2017

Sunday Sales Summary Smiles, January 23 to February 11, 2017
CafePress and Zazzle shop

I received the title of “family photographer” when I was 15 years old. Back in those days, lol, cameras used 35mm film that involved buying the film and paying to have it processed. Unlike the current digital technology, I couldn’t afford to experiment and take just any old photo so I learned about angles, lighting and composition.

I’m happy to say, my style of photography is enjoyed worldwide on a variety of gift items featuring the ones I’m sharing below found in two of my online shops.

Thanking them and everyone who visits. 🙂

Bermuda Collage by Khoncepts Rectangle Magnet
by Khoncepts (sold in Florida!)

St. Maarten Collage by Khonce Rectangle Magnet
St. Maarten Collage by Khonce Rectangle Magnet
by Khoncepts (sold multiples in Ohio, Nebraska, Colorado and California!)

Swan Boats in Spring - Tote Bag

Swan Boats in Spring – Tote Bag
by Khoncepts (sold in Massachusetts)



Colorfully picturesque, travel collages are my layout of choice. Collages allow me to share with you, multiple scenic photographs as one picture.


Multiple purchases (customer in Ohio)

St. Maarten Collage Rectangle Magnet by Khoncepts
Travel magnet featuring colorful photographs of Sint Maarten


Heavenly Hawaii by Khoncepts Postcard
Beautiful postcard of images in Hawaii

Heavenly Hawaii by Khoncepts Postcard
(sold in Missouri)

Photo of St. Maarten-St. Martin by Celeste Sheffey Postcard
Colorful travel images of Sint Maarten



Photo of St. Maarten-St. Martin by Celeste Sheffey Postcard

Sint Maarten ( sold in Germany)




San Juan, Puerto Rico Postcard

San Juan, PR postcard



St. Maarten Collage Rectangle Magnet by Khoncepts

Colorful images of Sint Maarten on a magnet

St. Maarten Collage by Khonce Rectangle Magnet
by Khoncepts
(sold to new customer in Nebraska!)

Saturday Sales Summary Smile: Boston, MA photo collage coffee mug

Health wise, it’s been one heck of a year for me. What was hoped to be a routine partial removal of an enlarged right thyroid turned into a diagnosis of follicular cancer. Ninety days later, I’m still recovering and am in pain management therapy which is why, after 11 years of opening a shop on it remains such a thrill to continue seeing emails popping into my Inbox saying “You’ve made a sale! Way to go!” 🙂

Thank you to my customer in Massachusetts for your multiple purchases. So glad the collage spoke to you.

Boston, MA Photo Collage by Celeste Sheffey Large

Happy Beach Retirement Wishes!!

Happy Beach Retirement wishes!! I’ve been planning to retire when I turned 66 1/2years old which is not that far away, however after 6 weeks and counting recovering from major surgery, I may have to push the timeline way up. 🙂

Take the poll below and share your favorite retirement location!

Happy Beach Retirement Wishes!





Small item storage

Fashionably fun fish flip flops

Imagine wearing a pair of fashionably fun fish flip flops featuring two white and two black Oscar fish swimming in an aquarium with beige and coral rocks.

  • These quality foam rubber flip flops feature soft polyester tops & contoured rubber straps for great comfort…great as beach sandals, pool shoes, or party slippers
  • Womens, Mens & Kids sizes available.

They make a great conversation starter or we could use your personal photo for your own unique design!! Contact me below and let’s have a great summer, our feet will thank us. 🙂

Fun, fish photo flip flops
Fashion Friday – flip flop designs

Sunday Sales Summary Smiles: Pink, Lime Green and white shower curtain!

I absolutely love connecting with folks all over the world who feel connected to my very eclectic style of art and photography via my various online stores.

It is truly a blessing to have found several online print on demand shops that allow me to post designs online on everything from fashion wear to cake pop desserts.

The only major drawback is not being able to personally thank my happy customers due to the fact that the stores they purchase the item from are the ones with the ability to  collect their contact information….not me.

That said, posting my appreciative “thank yous” via posts and Instagram are my only methods of sending it out to the universe.

Thank you!!!!

Captivating , hot pink, lime green and black stripes shower curtain
Hot pink and neon green home decor.

Fashion Friday: Red brick chevron jewelry

Back Bay Boston’s brick sidewalks are often several designs on the same block and sometimes side by side.  One morning I noticed a portion of the sidewalk had this great chevron pattern so I snap a quick photo knowing I would work on it later in the evening by adjusting the color and removing bits of growing greenery in the cracks .

I see art everywhere!  including simple red bricks magically transformed into trendy, eye catching, bright red brick chevron patterned jewelry. Men and women brick layers will appreciate this fabulous design on fashion accessories for him and especially for her featuring these cute heart shaped earrings and necklace.

Red hearts jewelry
Red hearts jewelry


Thirsty Thursday

Beautifully elegant monogram R drink ware, appropriately designed for any occasion. Fill with goodies to make it an extra special gift for someone. Wow, presenting someone with two of these glasses, may be a great way to begin a Valentine’s Day celebration. Especially if you are the man with R as a last name. Lol, just saying!


Standard pint glass, holds 16 US oz. Lead free glass. Hand washing suggested.

Thirsty Thursday drinkware
Thirsty Thursday drinkware

Contact me with your favorite colors and initials.