Sunday Sales Summary of Rainbow Striped Home Decor

So pleased and thankful to the person who inspired this week’s Sunday Sales Summary of Rainbow Striped Home Decor!

Sunday Sales Summary Stripes Smiles


Striped bedding


Creating a 12 month hot pink calendar with matching home decor – what was I thinking?

Lots of photographs, loads of graphic art of those photographs and now I have somewhere to combine them into one glorious product – a 12 month calendar!

But what was I thinking?? LOL I had a specific idea in mind, using a colorful collage as the cover of the calendar, featuring each image of the collage for the months January to December.

Sounded easy yes? No. ūüôā

  • It took a while to choose and/or create a total of 12 pictures for the months as well as, the front and back cover for 14 altogether.
  • Each one had to be named for easy uploading so that were in the order I needed them to be for the calendar
  • Several hours later, ¬†all were photos were properly sized
  • Each image was entered one by one and¬†looking¬†good as they fit the calendar template per month
  • Calendar was titled
  • Description written and copied to my arts summary document (over 600 pages)
  • Keywords chosen
  • Acknowledged all art was mine
  • and hit post for sale
  • Part 3 – social media postings and website updates

My family stopped commenting on how this makes me so happy. I hope my calendars and matching home decor items brings you a bit of joy as well and yes, I’m setting up new work files for more calendars!

Hot Pink Cabbage Rose 2017 Calendar Designs
Hot Pink Cabbage Rose 2017 Calendar Designs

Combining photography with graphic art
Graphics transforming photography into art.

Fashion Friday: Pastel color chalk transformed into artistic ladies tote bag fashion accessories

Quality crafted pastel colored chalk tote bags
Photographic art transformed into wearable art.

Fashionably fun, quality crafted, pastel chalk tote bag ladies accessory. Inspired by a random board painted with light colored chalk while strolling around downtown Ann Arbor during a first visit to Michigan.

My friend was like what are you taking a picture of?

LOL, After a fantastic 7 day visit, now she gets me.

Turn chalk colors into a ladies bag
Fashionably fun quality crafted pastel chalk tote bag ladies accessory

Wednesday Wall Art – Metal

Re-creating your children's art in metal wall hangings.
Why it’s a great idea to scan and save your children’s artwork

Don’t just toss their papers. Once they are scanned into digital jpg¬†format you can then re-create them into magnificent works of art. This photo is a watercolor my son did it 1988. It’s one of very few originals I still have but it’s condition is deteriorating so I’m glad I scanned and saved it in my files¬†there was not¬†feelings guilt once I decided to “release” them to my now grown children or the recycle bin.

If you live in the Boston area, I’ll be happy to work with you to scan all of your families memorable works of art!.

Fashion Friday: Green and dark blue gummy bears

Do you love gummy bears?

Candy transformed into abstract art
Green and dark blue gummy bears abstract designed tote bag.

A colorful lime green bowl of multi-colored gummy bears transformed into a beautiful star shaped hexagon patterned tote bag that comes in 3 sizes. No calories and good for you too.

Our highly quality crafted Tote Bags are hand sewn in America using durable, yet lightweight, poly poplin fabric. All seams and stress points are double stitched for durability. They are washable with original artwork on both sides and a sturdy 1″ wide cotton webbing strap for comfortably carrying over your shoulder.

Design by

Transforming a hot pink rose into floating triangles

Combining photography with graphic art
Graphics transforming photography into art.

Spending hours, days and one case, weeks looking online for the perfect pattern rug for my new office space was not my idea of a good time. Finally, I said, “self, do what you love and create the pattern yourself using your favorite colors”. I did and the end result was¬†beautifu1. ¬†My preference is to use pictures as¬†the basis for many of my art projects, creating¬†unique, conversational inspired home decor gift products and fashion designs.

Which rooms are you trying to decorate?
What home decor items are you looking for?
Are your color selections hard to find?

Send me a photo or your deeply favorite color combos.

Above is  a beautiful hot pink cabbage rose photograph transformed into shades of hot pink floating triangles home decor.

Wedding Wednesday: Super St. Patrick’s Day wedding suggestion

Super St. Patrick’s Day shamrock suggestion for 2017! Your St. Patrick’s Day wedding photo background will be quite the conversation piece boldly featuring your name¬†and wedding date!
Consider placing the shower curtain behind the wedding cake or outdoors for a wildly entertaining photo booth idea.

St. Paddy's Day wedding backdrop suggestion
Shamrocks for a St. Patrick’s day wedding

Wedding Wednesday: What will be your wedding backdrop design

Wonderful wedding suggestion for photo backgrounds where the the wall or outdoor area may need a bit of dressing up. Send me your wedding colors and let’s see if we can create a beautiful design that can also be used in your home as a lasting memento.

Wedding backdrop idea
Wedding colors of peach, blue and lavender.

Wearable Wednesday: Red, White and Blue Tote Bags

My parents must have been very happy to have their first born child, me, be able to happily entertain myself for long periods of time. One of my favorite activities was peering through my toy kaleidoscope  turning the tube and watching as tiny pieces of colorful items slowly fell into magical, geometric formations.

Fast forward many (many) years later and I still have this¬†huge love affair with geometric designs only now I’m able to immerse myself on my iPad, as I¬†create hundreds of patterns using favorite aptly named app – Kaleidoscope. ūüôā

A few months ago, my projects calendar pointed out it was time to think about patriotic holidays. Not wanting to use flags but not having any idea of what to draw,  I doodled with swirls of red, white and blue using a finger paint app and became inspired to take the drawing and apply a kaleidoscope effect to it.

(side note: quite a few countries and states have red, white and blue flags)

The surprisingly hard part is not all of the above but stopping after 10 patterns have been reached which will be used for fashion wear, accessories and home decor. Five prints are featured here as tote bags. Fill them with goodies based on the type of patriotic holiday being celebrated or as wedding gift bags for out of town guests or just because you love one of them. Red, white and blue which bag suits you!

Eye catching red, white and blue tote bags
Gorgeously patriotic themed tote bags

Thursday Throw Pillows

Throw Pillow are made from 100% spun polyester poplin fabric, a stylish statement that will liven up any room. Individually cut and sewn by hand, the pillow measures 20″ x 20″, features a double-sided print and is finished with a concealed zipper for ease of care. Choose a stylishly fun pillow cover or order with the faux down pillow insert.

Stylishly fun toss pillows
Stylishly fun toss pillows