Monthly Sales Summary Smiles for January 2018

Greetings and Happy New Year 2018!

So excited that my customers not only are enjoying my travel images  but have also included home decor gifts and fashion wear designs. Yippee and thank you! 🙂

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Designing bath mats for my black bathroom

So exciting to be able to design home decor accessories rather than surf the net for hours and hours and still not find what I’m looking for.

My upstairs bathroom is all black, glass and chrome. I’d personally love to use my fluffy white rugs, however, until everyone moves out, I will use colors that are more practical.

Recently, my Society6 shop had a 20% off sale, free shipping AND I had a coupon for $10.00 off. Sweet, sweet deal. I ordered both a small and large “Shades of Gray and Black Oils 1979” bath mats one of which arrived within one week of placing the order.

The colors came out perfectly. The mat is very plush and it’s so pretty, I almost don’t want to use it. LOL

Next order will be the matching hand and bath towels.

a black and gray bathroom accessory for him or her
Gray and black bathroom mat for him or her

The perfect bath mats: fuzzy, foamy and finely enhanced with brilliant art. With a soft, quick-dry microfiber surface, memory foam cushion and skid-proof backing, our shower mats are a cut above your typical rug. Keep them clean with a gentle machine wash (no bleach!) and make sure to hang dry.

Sharing a Congrats! an email memory regarding my specially selected wall tapestry

Smiling, surgery, stitches, taking lots of prescribed pain medicines that I log in my daily journal, napping due to the meds, updating existing artwork, trying to write coherently about said art or just simply sitting up long enough to try and swallow soft basic foods :-).

This has been my life for several months so any bit of happiness like the note from Society6 is like gold and is also the reason why I’m just getting around to posting! I jazzed it up a bit by using a Polyvore collage template.

Contrary to what I believed, life after major throat surgery is not the staycation I had envisioned and hoped for it also, the longer recovery period, as it turns out not what my surgeon expected either. lol


Jul 23 at 9:43 AM

Hello Celeste,

Congrats! We’re excited to let you know that your Print                                                    We Can Choose how we treat one another” has been selected to be included in the Society6 Shop.

We Can Choose How We Treat One Another
We did not choose our looks but we can choose how we treat one another

We Can Choose How We Treat One Another by khoncepts

Get cozy four day 15% off with FREE SHIPPING offer!

Enjoy four days of free shipping AND 15% off by visiting my store!

Khoncepts get cozy offer
For the next four days, enjoy a spectacular 15% off savings and FREE SHIPPING!

Khoncepts get cozy offer

Pink bedding

Orange bedding

Black mug

Striped throw pillow

Pullover hoody

Yellow legging

Can white squiggly lines become fine art?

Four hours of working with numbers required a quick 10 minute was very much needed break needed which for me means turning on my iPad. For a fast distraction, I choose a finger painting app and my two favorite colors, black and white.

Several minutes and fifteen images later I was happy and ready to buckle back down to work. Later in the evening, three designs were selected as shown below, descriptions composed, keywords chosen, images properly re-sized and then uploaded to my Society6 store.

My clients enjoy Society6. They feature great home decor items such as poster and framed prints, perfect for these designs and yes, they are considered a type of fine art. They also translate nicely as fashion wear and electronic gift products. My mini “breaks” actually means many hours of what others call work, I call creative relaxation.

Which of these designs speaks to you? 🙂

Turning squiggly lines into eye catching art

white squiggly lines on a black background becomes art.

Red Wood Chips on a rain mist September morning

I love living in the city. I don’t love taking public transportation so I find myself walking as much as possible while enjoying the sights and sounds of nature that others who are constantly walking while texting and reading on their phones miss.

I admit, while a brightly colorful yard full of bright red wood chips on a rain mist September morning may not be exciting to the majority, it brought joy and inspiration to me as shown on a few fashion and home decor Red wood chips 8951 as fashion as home decor.

What’s in your home and closet? 🙂

Red Wood Chips 8951 Graphic Art
Red Wood Chips 8951 Graphic Art

Vivid Purple, hot pink and neon orange bathroom home and dorm room decor

Amazingly colorful bathroom accessories of vivid purple, hot pink and neon orange.
Personalized with these creatively updated tie dye abstract art prints on tie dye shower curtain, tie dye rug, and the soap dispenser/toothbrush holder set.

Who do we know that would love to have these in their home and dorm room!!

Tie Dye Heaven
Tie Dye Heaven