Dresses Designed and Purchased by Celeste of Khoncepts.com

It’s super fabulous to have found an online store that carries the exact type of dress that I’ve been sewing for years but can now upload my own design, order the correct size and have it shipped right to my door.

New photos of me, wearing my long, side slit, dress prints will be posted showcasing that how they look on a real person, lol!

Contact me below if you have favorite colors to use on the following fashion styles.

My first time wearing my newly designed Blue, Yellow and White Paint Splashes, side slit dress was while attending one of my granddaughter’s 6th, Unicorn Birthday Party held at a horse farm in Pembroke, MA.

Due to medical issues, it was touch and go right up to the day of the day of the party if I would even be able to attend so I decided to wear something pretty without my favorite black accent color. The colors were perfectly printed on fabric that was just the right weight, no slip needed. Also, at my age, I prefer long dresses, however, you can also cut and hem it a bit shorter if you like to adjust the length.

I enjoy buying my own graphic printed dress designs on Artsadd. My only “complaint” is that items are shipped from China which takes about 3 weeks to arrive, unless you upgrade to expedited shipping, otherwise, the pricing, the printing and items I’ve ordered are wonderful.

Dress print is designed for woman of all ages.
Lightweight, easy to pack, all occasion dress.
Long, side slit, black and hot pink dress.