Positively Roxbury

World traveler, Scenic-Nature Photographer,
A. Celeste Sheffey’s view of living in the
inner city neighborhood of Roxbury, MA!

Roxbury is more than just a crime statistic
but also contains beauty, historical value,
vibrant artists, viable businesses
and working families.

I moved to Roxbury, MA in 1974 and have seen many changes, both negative and positive, however I noticed the majority of articles and news events concentrated on unflattering aspects of this hardworking community.

I admit it wasn’t until I had my last child in August 1996 that I actually took the time to walk around the town I call home and really look at it from a scenic-nature photographer’s viewpoint that I came to see Roxbury as the vibrantly, colorful, and artistically visual city that it truly is.

That summer, I was able to arrange my vacation time by leaving work at 1p for three weeks. I would arrive home and pack both his diaper bag and my camera equipment and off we’d go strolling up and down all of the little side streets in our area occasionally asking a resident if we were in Roxbury or Dorchester, which is another story.

My goal was and continues to be to bring a more uplifting aspect of Roxbury to outsiders as well as Roxbury resident’s themselves to see this neighborhood in a new light which could be as simple as looking out your front or back door and watching the gorgeous sunrises and stunning sunsets  on our culturally vibrant community.

Please note: for TV and computer removal in Roxbury (Boston)

TVs & Computer Monitors
TVs & computer monitors are NOT accepted at Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Days. Please call 617-635-7574 for home pickup of TVs and computer monitors.

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Positively Roxbury:

I Heart Roxbury, MA
Positively Roxbury

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