My Last Name is Sheffey Gifts

I’ve always loved my last name, Sheffey. For years we always thought it was French until my high school French teacher asked me “what type of name is Sheffey? I replied it’s suppose to be French and she replied no, but it may be German.

It turns out, many years and family DNA tests later, my youngest brother, researching our family background via his blog Genealogy Adventures confirmed, it is in fact German and our last name really is Sheffey. For African American, it’s an amazing thing to be able to trace our family history all the way to the 1600’s.

That said, designing personalized gift and fashion wear for my online shop customers perfectly complements my newest endeavor, actually showcasing items using one’s name. What better way to do this than by featuring gifts for anyone with the last name of Sheffey!

My Sheffey Zazzle Shop. including Sheffey skateboards and decks

My Last Name is Sheffey Colorful Fonts











My Sheffey Cafe Press Shop – jewelry, home decor and fashion wear









My Sheffey Print All Over Me Collections









My Sheffey shop collection on Society6

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Sheffey Bold Rainbow Fonts 9711 Skate Board







Sheffey Bold Rainbow Fonts 9711 Skate Board

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My Sheffey items on Artsadd

Sheffey Fonts - Pink and red 9704
Sheffey Fonts – Pink and red 9704 All Over Print Hoodie for Women (USA Size) (Model H13) by khoncepts