Sunday Sales Summary Smiles – Travel Memories

Thanking my newest clients for visiting one of my shops on Khoncepts on CafePress.         I hope these travel memories bring many smiles.

Sunday Smiles Sales Summary - August 31 to Sept 7, 2017



Fashion Friday – black and bronze fashion wear

Khoncepts Black and Bronze Fashion Wear

I love designing the majority of my fashion wear by including black, in a little amount or a large amount. I just created this black and bronze pattern on my iPad and have it on order! It will look super with my boots and I’ll need a new more updated jacket. I’m sure my daughters will be happy to help me choose something that isn’t long and boring. 🙂





Wearable Wednesday – Neon Purple and Blue, long all occasion dress

Dress print is designed for woman of all ages.
Lightweight, easy to pack, all occasion dress.

I love this simple style dress  with side slit design as I used to sew these for years. Now that I can create patterns to match my shoes, boots and sandals, my wardrobe has been and will continue to expanded accordingly. 🙂

My current sewing projects are simply stitching the side slits so they aren’t as high.  If I was a lot younger than my current 60+ years, I’d leave them they are. haha.

Send me your favorite color combinations and let’s see what can be done for you.

Khoncepts Sunday Sales Summary Smiles – July 24 to August 30, 2017

Khoncepts Sunday Summary Sales Smiles - July 24 to August 30, 2017


Sending many thanks to all of my customers from France, Pennsylvania, California, Colorado, Texas, United Kingdom, Virginia, Utah, and Massachusetts!


Wearable Wednesday – Personalized sweatshirts for our 85 year old Dad who suffers from dementia

Personalized sweatshirts for 85 year old Dad.

My brothers and I recently drove down South to visit our Dad to celebrate his 85th birthday. The birthday celebration was really quite super! However, Dad has dementia and the way his assisted living room looked including his closet and dresser drawers was quite upsetting especially for the amount of money that is spent on care each month. One of my brothers and I took everything out of the closet and his dresser drawers. My other brother took items across the highway to be dry cleaned. We placed 4 piles of things outside his room door into the hallway, comprised of clothes that were not his, sheets and towels that were not his, pillows that weren’t his and regular trash. He was also missing clothes and items that were his.

Once we were done, his room looked amazing. We added the personalized duvet cover to his bed with a matching shower curtain in his bathroom that I designed and to avoid someone else ‘accidentally’ wearing his clothes, I personalized these six zip up sweatshirts as starters.

Next I will do T-shirts, shorts and sweatpants.

Contact me to design items for your loved ones who may also live in a group home setting whose items are often “misplaced”.

August 12, 2008 – my first time visiting Lucerne, Switzerland

My first stop during my first visit to Lucerne, Switzerland











This throwback Saturday photo was taken by my eldest child,  when I was 53 years old visiting Switzerland for the first time.
My two daughters, one of their friends and I took a Trafalgar motor bus tour from London to Rome. I didn’t even know about The Lion Monument until we arrived in the city, got off the bus and walked over with the tour guide and other travel passengers. I was happy that the ten day tour included spending two nights in Lucerne. The first day was a bit drizzly, the next day however, was a gorgeously sunny, blue sky day for enjoying the countryside.

My first visit to Paris, France – August 11, 2008

the Eiffel Tower – Paris, France


Traveling by motor bus on an escorted Trafalgar tour from London to Rome was an exhilarating experience for me. I love road trips, my Nikon and seeing new scenery and it was especially thrilling to bring my two daughters along for the ride. My youngest had graduated from high school and my oldest had graduated with her Masters degree.

We had a gloriously warm sunny day in Paris, France. The clouds were light and floated along, letting in plenty of sunshine. I purposely asked my daughter’s friend, who was also traveling with us, to take this shot of me, as I wanted the entire Eiffel Tower and the green, Champs de Mars in the background. Totally touristy I know but I love it.

Khoncepts Yellow Gradient Bath Decor

An eye catching bath set featuring swirls of light, medium and darker yellow gradient watercolors overlooking the water is a retirement dream of mine. At the very least, I plan to rent someone’s home for a month, in a yet to be determined country, that has a water view.

Khoncepts Yellow Gradient Bath Decor


Shower curtain

Bath rug

Bath accessory

Bath accessory

Fashion Friday – featuring cute, personalized nightgown for granddaughter

personalized night gown for baby granddaughter
Cute personalized baby nightgown for my granddaughter

Flashback to July 28, 2013 featuring my beautiful grand baby Number 5 named Adrianna, at one month old wearing her cute, personalized nightgown. All of my children wore this style, I loved them because it was easy for me to change them and comfortable for them wear.

It’s quite a bit of fun being able to custom design and add names to my gift designs, as none of the names of my family members could ever be found in a regular brick and mortar store.