My DNA design nod to the Iberian Peninsula

Khoncepts DNA nod to upcoming visit to the Iberian Peninsula

Colorful, Yellow, Red, White and Blue Stripe designs for him, her, baby and home decor with a quiet nod to a small part of my DNA Iberian Peninsula Heritage.



Wearable Wednesday – Autumn Berries Paint Splash Fashion Wear and gift packaging

It is super wonderful to be able to design dresses that I know will fit, using colors I love and having the items shipped right to my door.

No more picking through dozens of dress racks. No more, not so clean, store dressing rooms. No more endless hours of surfing the net for the dress colors I want.

Contact me below and let’s see what we can do for you!

Autumn Berries Paint Splashes







Men s fashion

When my new stripe designs pre-dates Pantone’s Color of the Year 2018

Whew! Imagine my joyous surprise to see Pantone’s Color of the Year 2018 is a design I recently blogged about.  🙂  Doing my happy dance with my head start on creating home decor and gift products. lol.

New designs will be that much easier as the ultra violet purple tones are already in my file folder.

Eye catching shades of purple stripes for him or her.

Royal purple striped home decor, fashion and gift packaging for him or her.

Yellow, Red, White and Blue Stripes Bathroom Accessories

These vividly designed, bold multi-stripe colors of yellow, red, white and blue bath accessories are a small nod to an upcoming trip to Spain that will also become part of my DNA journey checked off list, based on my AncestryDNA test results. Two birds with one flight. 🙂

Living with painful, unexpected, after surgery complications has become my new norm after September 9, 2016. Even though I can no longer do multiple trips per year, I’m happy I can work up to at least one good annual vacation usually traveling with my youngest, now a 20 something grown man, child. Lol. Thanks to the Cyber Monday sales week, I secured a great, first time trip to Madrid and Barcelona Spain. Every year for the last 13 years, we’ve gone somewhere for his birthday and this time we’ll be celebrating his 22nd birthday in Madrid. Hola Spain!





Bath Accessories – Shades of Purple Stripes

For purple lovers everywhere! Add these classically designed bath accessories of varying shades of purple stripes.





Sunday Sales Summary Smiles – October 31 to November 26, 2017

Sharing my wonderful monthly Sunday Summary Sales Smiles of a variety of gift designs, thanking my clients for visiting and becoming happy customers.    🙂

I Love Big Daddy Hearts by A. Celeste Sheffey Keychain
(sold in Des Moines, Iowa) Thank You!

I Heart Big Daddy T-Shirt
I Heart Big Daddy T-Shirt
by CelesteSheffey
(sold in Des Moines, Iowa) Thank You!


(sold, Dorchester, MA ) Thank you!

(sold – Seattle, Washington ) Thank you!

(sold – Louisiana) Thank you!

(sold – Ohio) Thank You!

(sold in Australia) Thank you!

(multiple orders sold in United Kingdom) Thank you!

(multiple orders sold in United Kingdom) Thank you!

(sold in the Netherlands) Thank you!

(sold in Texas) Thank you!

Tasty looking beef quesadilla photograph accepted on!

For years, my family has endured my fondness of taking foodie photos before anyone can eat their meal. I was a foodie photographer before it even became a thing lol.

Recently, one of my brothers and I had to travel to Maryland to relocate our Dad from an assisted living facility to the DC/VA Hospital Community Living Center. We rewarded ourselves with a quick bite to eat at Johnny Pistolas in Adams Morgan, DC. We were fortunate to arrive before the dinner rush hour and were seated at a table right by the window that had the perfect lighting for a food photo.

As an added bonus, not only did the quesadilla photograph nicely, it was quite delicious!

Striped Colors of Bermuda – Home, Baby and Gift Packaging

A super wonderful cruise from Boston to Bermuda friend and family vacation involves sightseeing, loads of photos and fun times. These candy color stripes capture the various painted homes in a photo taken from the top deck of the cruise ship as it docked in Bermuda.

These tropical striped colors are also suitable for baby showers, new baby gifts and especially for baby showers for twins!

Easily customize the favor boxes, wine gift boxes and gift bags with text, including names, dates, locations or a special saying. Matching tissue paper also available. Click the links or the images to visit the shop.

Bath Decor

Stripes Colors of St. George Bermuda Bath accessories

Gift Packaging Stripes Colors of St. George Bermuda gift packaging by (matching tissue paper also available for purchase)

Baby Sets

Stripes Colors of St. George Bermuda Baby Gift items by

Fashion accessories
Stripes Colors of St. George Bermuda by

All Occasion Thank You in Primary Rainbow Colors for Him or Her

Finally getting caught up with sending out Thank You cards and gifts to family members that I visited this summer and being pro-active by stocking up now, for the holidays. Super appropriate colorful design for him or her!