Khoncepts Sunday Sales Summary Smiles – Week of June 25, 2017

Sending a BIG thank you to my customers in NJ, NY, GA, NC and MD!

Khoncepts Sunday Sales Summary Smiles

Fashion Friday – Pink, Orange and Yellow Watercolor Khoncepts

Fashion Friday featuring Pink, Orange and Yellow colors swirling, blending, melting into one another, creating these beautiful, fashion wear and accessories. Polyvore sets allows me to “clip” products from my different online shops into one visually pleasing collection.

Pink, Orangeand Yellow Watercolor Khoncepts


Wearable Wednesday – Sheffey Fonts in Shades of Blue on Black

Wearable Wednesday featuring super special “Sheffey Fonts in Shades of Blue On Black design number 040”.
This design looks fabulous on the hooded sweatshirt with matching backpack, earrings and even a key chain.

Great customized gift hooded sweatshirt for anyone named Sheffey. Feel free to contact me below to create similar fonts for your first or last name!

Black and Blue Fonts
Sheffey Fonts in Shades of Blue on Black 040 Fashion Wear


Newest stock photo accepted on

Life drastically changed after my partial thyroid surgery, diagnosis of cancer and still painful recovery while running a photographic design business. I’d like to say that I was able to power through it but that didn’t happen, pain is funny that way.

The upshot was finally being forced to literally sit back, feet up and finally catch-up on reading photography business emails,  listen to business marketing podcasts that helped to  re-evaluate where my business was, where I wanted it to be and how to work smarter not harder to get there. The first step was acknowledging that due to my painful surgical complications, leaving my home was not going to be possible which meant no new photographs or design images for awhile. However, this also meant doing something that had been on the back burner of projects, going through years worth of images I already had in my file folders to see what could be accepted by photography stock companies.

One of my favorites things to photograph walking through the Boston Public Garden are the hawks in their aerie and the junior hawks as they navigate flying once they leave the nest.  Happily, the team at Stockimo (mobile photo app) have agreed with most of my submissions including this colorful junior hawk photo for sale on as shown below. 🙂

Young hawk photo on by

Baby Shower gift items with matching gift packaging

Lately, I’ve been invited to quite a few baby shower events. Due to my complications after surgery and the fact that I love shopping online so that I don’t have to walk around in stores, I’ve begun branching out by designing baby items to include in one of my shops.

Baby bibs, burp clothes and blankets along with matching packaging of cards, gift bags, favor boxes and tissue paper.

My “Light Pink and Blue Popcorn 4647” is a fabulous pastel pattern print that can be made into curtains, pillows and even an area rug. Contact me below with your color choices.

Back to school – Sheffey Fonts dorm room decor in pink and yellow

Super special Sheffey fonts in pink and yellow rainbow colors. Amazing gift ideas for a Sheffey baby shower, a Sheffey celebration and especially for a dorm room setting.








Colorful, Sheffey fonts comforter, in different sizes

Amazingly colorful dorm room accessories for her
Pink and Yellow Sheffey Shower Curtain for her dorm room. Can also be used as window curtains for a private room setting.


Personalized Sheffey gifts for her
Pink and Yellow back to school dorm room accessories such as this colorful pillow























Sheffey Fonts hand and bath towel










What name would you like to have designed?














Wearable Wednesday – Personalized sporty gifts for anyone named Sheffey

Wearable Wednesday featuring personalized sporty customized gifts for anyone named Sheffey.

Super special Sheffey fonts in Gray and Bronze on an eye catching Sheffey skateboard deck that perfectly complements the matching zip-up unisex hoodie sweatshirt and accessories.

I’m ordering one or two sweatshirts for myself!

Personalized gifts for anyone named Sheffey
Khoncepts Sheffey Fonts 9669 Sporty wear


Home Decor – Shades of Purple Beads 9162 Area Rug










I see art everywhere.

Shades of Purple Beads 9162 My Mom’s newly repaired purple beaded necklace inspired this colorful free-form purple swirls printed area rug.

Thank you!


  • *Made from 20% Plush, 70% Sponge, 10% Non-woven Fabric.
  • *Stain resistant, easy to vacuum, and perfect for any room and decor.
  • *Super soft and excellent hand feeling.