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Celeste Sheffey on Society6


Green Floral Abstract – easily personalized for you

Here they are, the exact green floral gifts and packaging for women or men that you’ve been searching for. 🙂    An added bonus is being able to personalize these all occasion products by adding or changing the text templates included on each item, as well as, removing the lighter green border.

Best of all there is no minimum orders! or one or more and enjoy!

Wearable Wednesday – Black and Bronze Hoodie

Black and Bronze Cells 3132 All Over Print, zipper hoodie in Khoncepts shop













It’s super fun to design an autumn inspired full zipper, hooded sweatshirt. Mixing to match fall and winter boots. So much better than shopping for hours in the stores or online. Send me a photo of the item and let’s see what graphic art patterns can be made to match.


2018 Wall Calendar Art Khoncepts

Hanging a beautiful wall calendar may seem a bit old fashion, however for quite a few of my clients and family members like being able to have a cheerfully visual back-up to  electronic reminders.

My 80+ year old Aunt especially loves wall calendars as she is not on the computer nor uses her phone in that manner. The pretty photo designs were an added bonus for her. Thanks Auntie!

A calendar theme must first be chosen; nature, color combinations or landscapes. Prior to surgery it would’ve generally take one day to chose the images, re-size the images to the correct format, write a brief description for the calendar and then publishing the finish product to the shop.  Currently, even though now it takes a few days, the process still brings loads of enjoyment, especially when viewing the end results.

Visit  for more eye catching selections for your home or office.


I see art everywhere – behind the scenes works in progress












Up until September 2016, I used to be out and about everyday, walking for hours and taking pictures along the way. Now, due to painful internal neck scar tissue adhesion issues, being outdoors is very carefully planned as to where I’m going and the level of activity which is why I love escorted tour companies.

Recently, I treated my son to a 21st birthday trip to Iceland using Great Value Vacations. They did an excellent job, all we had to do was get on and off the bus on time. 🙂 On one of our scenic stops were cute, little fairy houses. The original photograph is shown in the upper right hand corner of the above image. Using a few fun, filter iPad apps helped transform the slightly plain image into seven stunning autumn portraits, one of which I’m sharing with you.

Trying to remain being a half glass is full person has been challenging so it’s gratifying to have found another creative outlet.

Coming soon! Postcards, small posters, greeting cards and shower curtains using this design.


Mardi Gras Art Designs – Works in progress for the next few days

My youngest daughter was born in February and wants to celebrate Mardi Gras somewhere tropical next year which was a great reminder to dust off some of my older designs that are in my work files.

The patterns in the collage were created from a photo of a King Cake. I see art everywhere!

The leggings shown in this image were a hit last year! So let’s see what can be done with these mesmerizing green, yellow and purple prints to wear or decorate with for Mardi Gras.

Conch Sea Shell Inspired Art

Have you ever worked through a painful medical issue? One of the good things, for me, to come from such a challenge was figuring out how to work smarter not harder. Lol, I know, that should be a thing anyway right. This “new normal” mindset prompted me to re-visit many of my designs in my  Celeste Sheffey on Zazzle store.

These warm sand and coral pastel colors wine boxes are based on conch sea shells found on a Nassau beach which I wrote about in a previous post.  The first striped wine box template was created in 2014. Customers were able to add photos and text but I really didn’t make it easy for them to do so.

Conch seashell colors wine gift box
Fast forward 2017, a year after cancer surgery and still experiencing major healing complications. On my difficult days it made sense to update existing prints, making them a bit more design friendly.  With that in mind, adding a circle template with initials nicely spruced up this striped wine gift box. The initials can be changed by the customer. The initials can also be removed and a photo easily added. Click the photos or the links and have fun personalizing these for your friend or family member.

Sunday Sales Summary Smiles – Week of September 18, 2017

Travel gift images are incredibly popular and my very first referral fee earnings on a product is from one of my Zazzle shops. I should take a day or so to figure out how this happened 🙂 so it can occur often lol.

Thanking my Zazzle customers from: Arizona, Texas and Georgia


I have thousands of images and it’s incredibly heartbreaking to see the before and after photos from some of my trips including the recent devastation of Sint Maarten after Hurricane Irma.

And my CafePress shop! Thanking my customer from Minnesota 🙂

Red, Green and White Christmas like inspired pattern designs

My parents, more especially my Mom, loved celebrating Christmas. Mom enjoyed cooking, the decorating and loading up Santa sacks full of gifts for my children and my grandchildren. I, on the other hand am more low-key and a little quirky as reflected in these amazingly colorful red, white and green patterned gift bags, postcards and home decor! Click both images to visit and view these designs.

Christmas colors inspired red and green pattern prints
Gift Packaging

Wearable Wednesday – New patterns to match Blue and Black Boots and home decor

My fun skill set is creating patterns to complement and/or match items in your home and closet. In this instance, these blue and black boots caught my eye, however this shade of blue was a bit tricky. Thankfully I love the color black so I played around on my iPad with different apps and came up with over ten mesmerizing graphic art prints, 8 of which are shown in the collage here.

A few of these are now posted in my Artsadd shop and one from my Society6 store.      I’ve ordered quite a few fashion wear and home decor items for personal use. They are based in China so there will be a foreign transaction fee, that said, they do excellent work, are wonderfully packed and are shipped within three weeks with shipping details.  I’ve shared a few selections below. What are your favorite items or colors to design around?

Mesmerizing black and baby blue art patterns.