Robin’s Egg Blue and Fuchsia Bathroom Home Decor

Fantastically colorful Robin’s Egg Blue and Fuchsia with a touches of yellow. I also love using shower curtains as windows curtains, especially eye catching for en-suite bathrooms. Pair it with any solid color matching bath towel.


Gray and Black Oils #1979 Home Decor art Khoncepts

Light grays, dark grays and black oil print creating this stunningly visual area rug and matching home decor accessories. Picture this design in your bedroom, family room, guest room or living room. Scroll the page below to find each item and link to store. Thank you!

Gray and Black Oils #1979 Home Decor Khoncepts



Baby Shower gift items with matching gift packaging

Lately, I’ve been invited to quite a few baby shower events. Due to my complications after surgery and the fact that I love shopping online so that I don’t have to walk around in stores, I’ve begun branching out by designing baby items to include in one of my shops.

Baby bibs, burp clothes and blankets along with matching packaging of cards, gift bags, favor boxes and tissue paper.

My “Light Pink and Blue Popcorn 4647” is a fabulous pastel pattern print that can be made into curtains, pillows and even an area rug. Contact me below with your color choices.

Sunday Sales Smiles – I Heart Big Daddy

In addition to my top selling photographic travel postcards, my I Heart Big Daddy product line is also very popular, especially a month or two before June for Father’s Day.

Thanking my customer from my home state of New Jersey!

Dimensions: 3″l x 11″w
Made from durable vinyl with a strong adhesive back that will hold up under the most severe of conditions
100% weatherproof
Printed with water-resistant ink that won’t fade or run

A few selections from my Big Daddy Collections:

Wearable Wednesday – Mom, Dad and Daughter pattern designs

Black, white and red ellipticals abstract designed cute girl’s tent dress, Mom’s elegant VP Square and Dad’s handsome neck tie is fabulously eye catching and sure to spark an exciting conversation especially when worn at a special event.

Fashion wear for Mom, Dad and Daughter

Sunday Sales Summary Smiles – Travel Photographic Gifts

Sunday Sales Summary Smiles😊
While battling an aggressive virus for the past two weeks, I was still able to find a few big Smiles with each new customer purchase.
Clearly, with the exception of the car bumper sticker, the Travel images continue to be the top favorites. THANK YOU!💙

Super big thank you to make Zazzle customers!

Grand Turk Photo Collage Postcard

Grand Turk Photo Collage Postcard

by CelesteSheffey

Tapestry of Purple and Orange Bumper Sticker



Wall Art: Khoncepts Blue and Green Paint Balls 9762

I’m enjoying the thought of downsizing to a new home where I can design and showcase my art with a lovely view of the mountains to the West and the ocean to the North.  My colorfully picturesque visit to Switzerland springs to mind for the summer months. 🙂

Khoncepts Framed “Blue and Green Paint Balls” wall art captures the many shades of blue representing the sky and ocean, complemented with meadows of green.

Do you have a favorite photo memory that you’d like to see transformed into graphic art for your home? If yes, contact me using the form below.

Khoncepts Blue and Green Paint Balls 9762                                                                Khoncepts Blue and Green Paint Balls 9762 by khoncepts featuring wall art

Wall art

Wearable Wednesday: Red and Green Graphic Fashion Wear and Accessories

Freehand doodling, oil painted paper, watercolor prints, transformed into gorgeous kaleidoscope designs using several favorite software programs. Full disclosure, I still use  Microsoft Digital Suite 2006 on a daily basis, in addition to my iPad apps and still learning my way around PhotoShop Elements 13 on my MAC.

Below is an amazing red and green kaleidoscope pattern I first made in 2010. I’m so happy to see how well it continues to translate to a variety of products such as the brand new umbrella, weekend bag and ballet flats! 8 weeks into what’s turning into a long recovery from neck surgery and it’s the little things like being able to sit up for an hour or so a day and dabbling using older designs to create new home and fashion accessories. Once the pain meds kick in though, it’s nap time which is the majority of my day. Wouldn’t this make a beautiful winter bridesmaid’s dress?

Khoncepts red and green graphic fashions
Stunning red and green graphic art fashion wear and accessories


Happy Beach Retirement Wishes!!

Happy Beach Retirement wishes!! I’ve been planning to retire when I turned 66 1/2years old which is not that far away, however after 6 weeks and counting recovering from major surgery, I may have to push the timeline way up. 🙂

Take the poll below and share your favorite retirement location!

Happy Beach Retirement Wishes!





Small item storage

Rose pink and light blue calendar for girls and boys

Rose pink and light blue calendar for girls and boys

Light pink and blue graphic designed calendar would make a beautiful addition to a baby’s bedroom for girl and boy twins.

Each month features a uniquely eye catching pattern. At the end of the year, frame your favorites!

This pattern print can also be created on various electronics and home décor items such as wall clocks, duvet covers, pillows and baby blankets.