Fashion Friday – Black, Blue and White Swirls

Buying dresses with the exact colors, size and fabric is amazing. It’s super fun to never having to leave my house to go dress shopping.  I love this style of dress, a bit loose depending on size, the fabric is the perfect weight, cute side slit and no ironing needed. When I packed for my trip to Madrid last summer, my carry-on bag had 6 dresses, matching Pashmina scarves, 3 pairs of shoes with room to spare and that was just on one side!

This lovely swirls pattern was inspired by one of my DNA Ancestry test results of Estonia whose flag colors are black, blue and white.

PS. I’m so excited that my newly designed bandanas arrved today, including one to match my dress above.

Wearable Wednesday – Neon Purple and Blue, long all occasion dress

Dress print is designed for woman of all ages.
Lightweight, easy to pack, all occasion dress.

I love this simple style dress  with side slit design as I used to sew these for years. Now that I can create patterns to match my shoes, boots and sandals, my wardrobe has been and will continue to expanded accordingly. 🙂

My current sewing projects are simply stitching the side slits so they aren’t as high.  If I was a lot younger than my current 60+ years, I’d leave them they are. haha.

Send me your favorite color combinations and let’s see what can be done for you.