Skull Boys fashion and home decor gifts

Back in 2010, my youngest child was a 14 year old teenager who enjoyed sketching, drawing and goth. He actually agreed to my suggestion of letting me post one of his selections online. I chose this one of his skull, modified it into 2 additional sizes and then as one basic template of three skulls. To say it remains a popular selling item to this day is pleasantly pleasing for him as a conversation starter with his friends and our family.

Below are four shops with his Skull Boys fashion and home decor items. Great items appropriate for Halloween events and Goth occasions.

Skull Boys – Artsadd shop
Skull Boys – CafePress Shop
Skull Boys – Society6 Shop
Skull Boys – Zazzle Shop

Monthly Sales Summary Smiles for January 2018

Greetings and Happy New Year 2018!

So excited that my customers not only are enjoying my travel images  but have also included home decor gifts and fashion wear designs. Yippee and thank you! 🙂

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Wearable Wednesday – Khoncepts Yoga Fashion and Accessories – Polyvore Contest











I used to participate in contests on a former online company named Polyvore, It was a fun way to showcase matching fashion and home decor items.  I chose to use the Skull Boys pattern as it seems to be a favorite in the United Kingdom. 🙂  I included the matching umbrella, in case it rains on the way to the studio.

Contest Theme –  Namaste: What to Wear to Yoga – Whether you enjoy relaxing in shavasana or can hold a mean chaturanga, there’s one thing you need in yoga: a comfortable outfit. What are you wearing to class?

Visit my other online shops also featuring different Skull Boys fashions and home decor.

Skull Boys – Artsadd
Skull Boys – CafePress
Skull Boys – Zazzle


Khoncepts Sunday Sales Summary Smiles – July 24 to August 30, 2017

Khoncepts Sunday Summary Sales Smiles - July 24 to August 30, 2017


Sending many thanks to all of my customers from France, Pennsylvania, California, Colorado, Texas, United Kingdom, Virginia, Utah, and Massachusetts!


Skull Boys Fashion Wear and Home Decor Collection











Skull Boys was drawn and created by my son Justyn that started out as three different sized heads that was then modified into this great template of multiple skulls by me, his mom, Celeste. It looks pretty cool as home decor and fashion wear. Based on sales over the years, the birthday greeting card and tie are very popular in England 🙂

              Khoncepts Artsadd ShopSkull Boys Category

Khoncepts CafePress ShopSkull Boys Category

Khoncepts Zazzle ShopSkull Boys Category


Saturday Sales Smiles – Black and White Striped bath products

Sharing a sampling of sales from one of my online Black and White niche shop.

In preparing to write this appreciative note, I had to double-check what I was seeing! Apparently my customer in New Jersey went and purchased a second set while another person in New Jersey decided to buy one as well.

Thank you so much ladies! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Black and White striped bathroom accessories




Sunday Sales Summary Smiles – Skull Boys Template

The year was 2010, my son Justyn, was almost 14 years old and was into skulls, goth and art. I suggested we collaborate on a design which he was happy to do. I modified his skull boys design by multiplying the images and voila, on July 11, 2010 we posted this Skull Boys birthday template greeting card that continues to be a favorite. Customers can personalize the card by typing in a name or text.

Sending a virtual thank you to my customer in New York for your multiple card purchase.

Skull Boys greeting card
Happy Birthday Skulls Template Postcard

All occasion monogrammed Letter R Home Decor and fashion wear

I have quite a large extended family whose members last name begins with the letter R.

A few years ago, I had a bit of fun experimenting with a variety of fonts and sizes using the letter R. Rather than choosing just one font, I decided to merge them all to create this patterned home décor bathroom shower curtain. Double duty as bedroom curtains or even a fancy party backdrop. The perfect all occasion, not just Christmas or birthday gift. Contact me and provide the initial you wish to use for your design.

Monogrammed Letter R Home Decor
Monogrammed Letter R Home Decor and fashion accessory


Wedding Wednesday: Monogrammed Goth Wedding Candles

Add your monogram to personalized this cute black and white skull patterned invitation, key chain and unity candle set designed in collaboration with my son. 🙂
Perfect additions for Goth themed weddings and events.
What are your initials!!

Goth Wedding Accessories

Skull home decor


Can white squiggly lines become fine art?

Four hours of working with numbers required a quick 10 minute was very much needed break needed which for me means turning on my iPad. For a fast distraction, I choose a finger painting app and my two favorite colors, black and white.

Several minutes and fifteen images later I was happy and ready to buckle back down to work. Later in the evening, three designs were selected as shown below, descriptions composed, keywords chosen, images properly re-sized and then uploaded to my Society6 store.

My clients enjoy Society6. They feature great home decor items such as poster and framed prints, perfect for these designs and yes, they are considered a type of fine art. They also translate nicely as fashion wear and electronic gift products. My mini “breaks” actually means many hours of what others call work, I call creative relaxation.

Which of these designs speaks to you? 🙂

Turning squiggly lines into eye catching art

white squiggly lines on a black background becomes art.