Throwback Thursday – exactly 5 years ago today!

My first Society6 customer made a purchase of two Black, Red and White designed throw pillows five years ago today, January 3, 2014! It’s so exciting that there are folks out there who also enjoy my eclectic ‘art khoncepts’ patterned home decor and gift items.

Received my new Black, White and Red kitchen towels aka placemats

Home decor accessories designed, ordered and delivered to me, all without leaving home is a trifecta of fabulousness. Featured today are eight large kitchen towels that will be used as table placemats on my glass dining table.

My Zazzle shops  always feature special discounts boldly shown in red. Be sure to apply the newest promo codes when you check out your cart. Another bonus is receiving an additional discount for your next order when you provide a review on your received purchases. Contact me below if you are looking for specific color combinations not already listed in my store. 🙂

Monthly Sunday Summary Sales Smiles for April 2018 – Zazzle shops

Sending a big Thank You! to customers in Massachusetts, Florida, Alabama, Nebraska, Texas and the United Kingdom for visiting my Zazzle shops and choosing these wonderful purchases which I have set up a special viewing category of past client purchases.


Khoncepts Back to School – Black, White and Red School Accessories

Vibrantly bold Black, White and Red School Accessories for class and dorm room. Classy shower curtains that double as window curtains, customized three ring binders, duvet coverts, throw pillows and more! What are your favorite colors? 🙂

Khoncepts on Artsadd






Black, Red and White Graffiti on CafePress






Black, Red and White Stripes on CafePress






Black, white and red kaleidoscope 9070 on CafePress






Loads of Black, White and Red home decor and gifts on Zazzle!



Fashion Friday – Black, White and Red Graffiti Art Wear

Today’s Fashion Friday features Black, White and Red Graffiti Art Wearables.

Prior to my September 9, 2016 thyroid surgery, I would spend hours and hours on the computer posting travel images or designing art for home decor and fashion wear. My “new normal” is that nothing is no longer normal lol but I do what I can by using hundreds of pattern prints that were previously stored in my color draft folders.

This Black, White and Red Graffiti Art looks great as fashion wear for her!

Designed 1st pair of sneakers in my Artsadd shop

I designed my first pair of sneakers in my Artsadd shop. I noticed that the soles of this type of shoe is black and white leading me to select color files of combinations incorporating those two colors which also happens to be my favorites.

I chose black laces to complement the Black, White and Red Ellipticals pattern. 
Visit my website
 to view a variety of other fashion wear products with this design.

What are your favorite 3 color combinations? Let me know and let’s see what we can come up with for you.

* Made from action leather, lightweight, wear-resisting and heat-proof.
* Breathable lining for added comfort, wearing soft and comfortable.
* High quality rubber out-sole, tough enough to withstand daily wear and tear.
* Lace-up closure for an adjustable fit.

Wearable Wednesday – Mom, Dad and Daughter pattern designs

Black, white and red ellipticals abstract designed cute girl’s tent dress, Mom’s elegant VP Square and Dad’s handsome neck tie is fabulously eye catching and sure to spark an exciting conversation especially when worn at a special event.

Fashion wear for Mom, Dad and Daughter

Creating home decor items with your favorite color combinations

Imagine being able to create your own home decor items using your favorite colors and/or the next best thing – contacting someone like me to design abstract designs with your special colors just for you using the secured form below.

Home decor colors of black, white and red
Beautiful black, white and red abstract art home decor.


Shower curtains can be used as window curtains
Stunning black, white and red shower curtains used as window curtains.
Personalized area rug
Customized black, white and red area rug
Personalized black, white and red pillow case covers

Black, white and red his and her bedroom accessories

Elegant, black, white and red bedroom graphic print design bedroom accessories for him and her. Black, white and red bedroom decor patterns that please both him and her makes for a harmonious environment. The elliptical design was created using Paint, found in my basic computer programs. It took a few entertaining hours of drawing the shapes and then deciding where to add the red and black colors so they didn’t overlap. It’s one of my absolutely favorite graphic prints.

What are your favorite three colors?

Black, white and red bedroom for him and her!
His and her bedroom color selection idea


Fashion Friday: Easy Boho Look for Mom

Currently, I’m recovering from major surgery and am finding it very difficult for a variety of reasons to concentrate so it’s been a nice change of pace revisiting using Polyvore’s collage set-ups, mostly while in bed using my iPad. Sharing this boldly colorful black, white and red design for those fashionistas that enjoy easy, fluid, fashion wear. Mom will also love the matching “Mom” items, all packaged in a stylish gift bag for her.

I’m looking forward to the day when I can be up and out again as this would be my outfit. 🙂

Easy Boho dress style for Mom!
Khoncepts Black Boho style dress for Mom