Fashion Friday – Dark orange and hot pink all occasion dress

Designer Notes
Dark orange and hot pink VP Square dress Classy all occasion orange and pink dress. Wonderful option as a bridesmaid dress as it comes in XXS to XXXXL. No straps to worry about, no slippage, no tugging, just a super simple yet elegant fit.

After being a beautiful bridesmaid you could then wear this stunning dress to a fancy event like a dinner on a cruise ship.

all occasion dark orange and hot pink dress
Gorgeous all occasion orange and pink dress


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Wearable Wednesday: Khoncepts Caribbean Blue fashions for him and her

Khoncepts Caribbean Blue for him and her

I love taking inspiration for colors by looking at my travel photos and picking a specific hue to create a variety of home decor and fashion wear as shown in this image.

Choosing your colors from a photo or fabric can be closely matched to your wedding, honeymoon or any other special event. I created “Caribbean Blue” by using the inlet photo I took during my second visit to St. Thomas.

Do you have a favorite color that you’d like to have on a variety of fashion wear?

If yes, contact me using the form below.

Blue legging

Swim suit

Summer shoes

Summer shoes

Sleeveless dress

Friday Fashion: colorful jumpsuits for her

Friday fashion for her. Casual yet beautiful all occasion jumpsuits. Imagine strolling into the dining room on your upcoming cruise in one of these jumpsuits.mBetter yet, contact me below and provide your favorite color combos.

Pretty jumpsuits
Kruise Clothes

Fashion Friday: Kruise Khoncepts for Her

Super fashionable beach wear for her. Looking casually beautiful on a cruise, your honeymoon or a long awaited family vacation.

Feel free to contact me to design specific color combos for you!

Beautifully casual beachwear for her.

Beautifully casual beachwear for her.




Caribbean Island Cruise Wear

Enjoy viewing several of Khoncepts design pieces incorporated into this chic, summer cruise wear. Gorgeous shade of blue matching the ocean!

Caribbean Island Cruise Wear
Blue and Green Women’s Summer Outfit

Caribbean Island Cruise Wear

EAST dress
$135 –

Green jewelry

Green jewelry

Charm watch
$25 –

Green bandana

Beauty product

Aqua home decor