Sunday Sales Summary: For week of October 2, 2016

I just returned from yet another visit to the emergency room, thankfully with an answer to one of my medical issues. I also wanted to be sure to gather my thoughts and energy to send my weekly post, thanking my customers in NY, MI, GA, MO and NC for their purchases! Travel images were the apparent favorites. 🙂

Sunday Sales Summary: October 9th
Thanking my customers for last week’s purchases!


12 page wall calendar featuring 12 glorious photos of Bermuda

A vibrantly colorful 12 page wall calendar featuring 12 glorious photos of Bermuda. We’ve cruised from Boston to Bermuda twice and one snowy December we spent a week before Christmas in Grotto Bay Resort.

Bermuda’s stunning pink sunset over Bailey’s Bay, fabulous aqua crystal cave, waves breaking over large lava rocks on the beach and sprinkles of water droplets filled with fine pink Bermuda sand are all exquisite memories of fun family vacations.

I’m learning how to use Garage Band and enjoy spending hours tweaking the instruments to get it just right. Then loading the images to match the length of the music.

This tune is entitled “Reggae Khoncepts 6”.

Music and photography

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Sunday Sales: Switzerland Souvenirs

There is only one regret I have regarding my fantastic August 2009 ten day motor bus London to Rome trip that included passing through Lucerne, Switzerland was not thinking to purchase a gold Switzerland while I was in Lucerne for two nights.

It’s super exciting that I was able to take such timeless images that folks still enjoying 8 years later from Zazzle Store.

Highlight Photo collage of a visit to Lucerne Switzerland
Beautiful photo collage of Lucerne, Switzerland

Sunday Sales Summary: Island life

Popular postcards featuring Hawaii and Sint Maarten
Last week’s popular product sales summary

It’s totally amazing how, 7 and 9 years later these Hawaii and Sint Maarten postcard photographs continue to be favorites of clients worldwide. Do the images evoke fond memories? or are they shots of places they’ve visited and possibly are now enjoying a different viewpoint?

Thank you for the splendid purchases. You inspire me to continue seeing and snapping my version of the world.



Fashion Friday: Deep purple fashion attire for him and her

Deeply rich jewel toned purple fashion attire for him and her including swimsuits and casual wear for him and her. Have fun on your cruise, vacation or honeymoon trip wearing these complementary rich jewel tone purple outfits.

Please note every piece is custom made taking approximately 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.

Send me your wedding colors and let’s see if we can create something wonderful for you.

matching honeymoon swimwear for him and her
Dark purple swimwear for him and her.

Throwback Thursday: Angels in Rome, Italy

Today’s “Throwback Thursday” brought memories of a wonderful, ten day, escorted Trafalgar Tour trip with my two daughters that began in London and traveled, by motor coach across country to Rome, Italy, August 2008.  St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican was one of the included stops as part of the travel package. Angels have been with me all my life so it was especially thrilling to have spotted and posed with these two very beautiful marble angelic statutes.
Posing with angels

How your child can easily bring summer memories to school in the Fall

Make back to school even more exciting by sending your child with personalized school assignment accessories. A few years back, my youngest child and I co-designed his 3 ring binder with two of sketch artwork and a few photos of his trips we took that summer.  He chose the background color of a rich green and the side spine text showing where he had visited. The added benefit of successfully keeping track of the binder all school year was an a bonus.

This summer, consider setting aside a few memorable summer photo and souvenir items of your child’s vacation from school. Scan or take pictures of souvenirs such as movie tickets, park admissions, favorite restaurant menu and more.

Products usually take about ten days to ship. Compile them and depending on the back to school start date, design and order a binder, matching notebook and even a backpack.

I love this process and would be very happy to assist!

Collages can come in a variety of formats. We chose one containing 11 images of different sizes or we could have picked a nine block formatted outlay.

Your child will enjoy having a school accessory designed specifically for them and you’ll be happy knowing you helped keep those great summer memories alive.

Customizing back to school accessories for your child
Personalized back to school accessories

Fashion Friday: Shades of Gray Splatter

I see art everywhere and photographing it usually brings weird ‘what on earth is she taking a picture of’ looks from strangers and some family members.  🙂

Like when I took a snapshot of this pile of gray rocks that caught my eye and my brain said “these stones will make a great photo-graphic design on something fun”.

Friday evenings is usually when the graphic bug bites and in this instance, I wanted to create something unisex for couples for beach vacations. Shades of gray paint splatter fashion designs for him and her will appeal to couples who prefer fun graphics on the darker end of color choices. Let me know how I did!!!

Pile of Gray rocks
Pile of Gray rocks
His and Her Fashion Friday swim outfits
His and Her Fashion Friday swim outfits

Friday Fashion: colorful jumpsuits for her

Friday fashion for her. Casual yet beautiful all occasion jumpsuits. Imagine strolling into the dining room on your upcoming cruise in one of these jumpsuits.mBetter yet, contact me below and provide your favorite color combos.

Pretty jumpsuits
Kruise Clothes

Fashion Friday: Kruise Khoncepts for Her

Super fashionable beach wear for her. Looking casually beautiful on a cruise, your honeymoon or a long awaited family vacation.

Feel free to contact me to design specific color combos for you!

Beautifully casual beachwear for her.

Beautifully casual beachwear for her.