Sunday Sales Summary Smiles for February 2019 – Zazzle shops

Thanking Zazzle customers from California to Maine for enjoying my artsy designs and still popular travel images.

Sharing below is a bit of my background story for each of the above items.

The I Heart Big Daddy graphic was posted to my shop in 2011. The colorful, all seasons Boston, MA photo collage was created in 2010. This Shamrocks bath towel was included in 2018. The serene Sint Maarten Beach Scene and Marigot Downtown photo were inspired by my 2008 trip and posted in  2012. The newest Estonia swirls art was inspired in January 2019 by one of my DNA test results. The Heavenly Hawaii postcards reflects wonderful memories of my trip to Oahu to attend my cousin’s wedding.
Visited one of my cousins living in San Antonio who took me to lunch in Gruene, Texas,
Our 2nd wonderful family cruise from Boston to Bermuda and visited Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda and one of my favorite types of patterns when creating this yellow stripes design. and Mardi Gras wish list of places to visit


Items with links and where they were sold

I Heart Bid Daddy Mousepad – (California)
Boston, MA Photo Collage Postcard– (Massachusetts)
St. Thomas – Scenic Photo Collage Magnet (Illinois)
Field of Shamrocks Bath Towels – ( 2 – California)
Sint Maarten – St. Martin Beach Scene Magnets– ( 5 – Maine)
Blue, Black and White Estonia Swirls Art 4044 Floor Mat (Massachusetts)
Sint Maarten – St. Martin Magnet (Pennsylvania)
Heavenly Hawaii Postcard24 – Massachusetts)
St. Martin and Marigot Bay Photo Magnet (Virginia)
Gruene, Texas and Guadalupe River Postcard (sold in Texas)
Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda Postcard
Yellow, White and Gray striped towel set
Mardi Gras Swirls 3589 Leggings

Send me a note if you have photos or special colors you’d like to have designed as gifts!

Monthly Sales Summary Smiles for January 2018

Greetings and Happy New Year 2018!

So excited that my customers not only are enjoying my travel images  but have also included home decor gifts and fashion wear designs. Yippee and thank you! 🙂

Visit my Zazzle Collections category for these and other wonderful customer purchases


Sunday Sales Monthly Summary Smiles – November 26 to December 31, 2017

Thank you for understanding my switching from a weekly post to a monthly summary sales thank you post. Medically speaking, a once a month Sunday note is more manageable and it allows for a better perspective of what items in my Celeste Sheffey’s gift items on Zazzle shops are of interest to my USA and International visitors. Visit links below and thanks again if you a pleased customer! 🙂




Fashion Friday: Mardi Gras food and fashion ideas

Imagine your guests attending your unique, fabulously decorated, Mardi Gras party complete with cake pops, a matching purple, green and gold wall hanging tapestry as a photograph backdrop and complementary fashion wear.  Long after the delicious cake pop desserts are eaten, you’ll still enjoy wearing either the leggings or T-shirt throughout the year.

Khoncepts Mardi Gras Party Ideas
Fashion Friday: Mardi Gras food and fashion ideas





Tote bag

Wall art

Mardi Gras stars #4509

Another fun photo project. One year there were about 5 different delicious King Cakes at my job and it occurred to me to actually take a photo of one using my iPad. I cropped it closely capturing just the green, purple and gold creating this inspired Mardi Gras Stars #4509 design used on home decor and fashion attire.

I had to look this up which is the great thing about blogging, providing a bit of detail to my photos. Green is for faith, gold represents power and purple stands for justice.  🙂

Mardi Gras colored inpired gift products
colors of a King Cake

Mardi Gras stars #4509

Mardi Gras stars #4509

What’s in your home and closet!!