Wearable Wednesday – Autumn Berries Paint Splash Fashion Wear and gift packaging

It is super wonderful to be able to design dresses that I know will fit, using colors I love and having the items shipped right to my door.

No more picking through dozens of dress racks. No more, not so clean, store dressing rooms. No more endless hours of surfing the net for the dress colors I want.

Contact me below and let’s see what we can do for you!

Autumn Berries Paint Splashes







Men s fashion


2018 Wall Calendar Art Khoncepts

Hanging a beautiful wall calendar may seem a bit old fashion, however for quite a few of my clients and family members like being able to have a cheerfully visual back-up to  electronic reminders.

My 80+ year old Aunt especially loves wall calendars as she is not on the computer nor uses her phone in that manner. The pretty photo designs were an added bonus for her. Thanks Auntie!

A calendar theme must first be chosen; nature, color combinations or landscapes. Prior to surgery it would’ve generally take one day to chose the images, re-size the images to the correct format, write a brief description for the calendar and then publishing the finish product to the shop.  Currently, even though now it takes a few days, the process still brings loads of enjoyment, especially when viewing the end results.

Visit http://bit.ly/CalendarArt  for more eye catching selections for your home or office.


I see art everywhere – behind the scenes works in progress












Up until September 2016, I used to be out and about everyday, walking for hours and taking pictures along the way. Now, due to painful internal neck scar tissue adhesion issues, being outdoors is very carefully planned as to where I’m going and the level of activity which is why I love escorted tour companies.

Recently, I treated my son to a 21st birthday trip to Iceland using Great Value Vacations. They did an excellent job, all we had to do was get on and off the bus on time. 🙂 On one of our scenic stops were cute, little fairy houses. The original photograph is shown in the upper right hand corner of the above image. Using a few fun, filter iPad apps helped transform the slightly plain image into seven stunning autumn portraits, one of which I’m sharing with you.

Trying to remain being a half glass is full person has been challenging so it’s gratifying to have found another creative outlet.

Coming soon! Postcards, small posters, greeting cards and shower curtains using this design.


Mardi Gras Art Designs – Works in progress for the next few days

My youngest daughter was born in February and wants to celebrate Mardi Gras somewhere tropical next year which was a great reminder to dust off some of my older designs that are in my work files.

The patterns in the collage were created from a photo of a King Cake. I see art everywhere!

The leggings shown in this image were a hit last year! So let’s see what can be done with these mesmerizing green, yellow and purple prints to wear or decorate with for Mardi Gras.


Sunday Sales Summary Smiles – Travel Memories

Thanking my newest clients for visiting one of my shops on Khoncepts on CafePress.         I hope these travel memories bring many smiles.

Sunday Smiles Sales Summary - August 31 to Sept 7, 2017


Khoncepts Sunday Sales Summary Smiles – July 24 to August 30, 2017

Khoncepts Sunday Summary Sales Smiles - July 24 to August 30, 2017


Sending many thanks to all of my customers from France, Pennsylvania, California, Colorado, Texas, United Kingdom, Virginia, Utah, and Massachusetts!


Signing a super large Happy Retirement card is now available.

Happy Retirement – Ocean scene Card
A picturesque photo of a huge wave spilling over lava rocks on Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda. Wonderful card for an office retirement celebration.

Fabulously large ocean scene Happy Retirement Card.












Contact me regarding other types of retirement cards!

Wearable Wednesday: Hot pink triangles fashion and accessories


Yesterday, I showcased my home decor items featuring this hot pink design. Today, I’m reintroducing my hot pink fashion wear and accessories! Home decor and/or fashion designs, which do you love?!

Hot pink triangles fashion as art
A beautiful hot pink cabbage rose photo transformed into a poster full of floating shades of pink triangles.

Home Decor – Pink Cabbage Rose 5072

Pink cabbage rose triangles 5072 area rug is a stunningly beautiful hot pink cabbage rose photograph transformed into floating shades of pink triangles using one of my many iPad apps. I see art everywhere!



Several items were created to match the rug including throw pillows and shower curtains that can also be used as widely bold window curtains.

Click the pictures to view these items in my online shops.

Thank you!