Black, white and red kaleidoscope flowers 9054

For lovers of red, black and white! Home decor and fashion attire featuring black, white and red graffiti art transformed into this stunningly bold floral kaleidoscope design 9054.

Also showing are six additional new artworks in the pipeline to complete.

Send me your favorite 3 colors and let me work a little magic.

Red, black and white graphic art

Stockimo Stock Photography Submission!

Thrilled, excited and feeling hopeful that I may have found a stock photography company that likes the type of graphic artwork I spend hours creating, titling and dreaming up appropriate, buyer specific key words.

Sharing one of my accepted stock photography submission, “colorful 3D Stain Glass” image.

If you are a buyer, which stock company is your favorite?

If you are a contributor which company have you found the most success with?  🙂

3D Stain Glass Commercial image
Colorful 3D Stain Glass Alamy image by Khoncepts