Wearable Wednesday: Khoncepts Caribbean Blue fashions for him and her

Khoncepts Caribbean Blue for him and her

I love taking inspiration for colors by looking at my travel photos and picking a specific hue to create a variety of home decor and fashion wear as shown in this image.

Choosing your colors from a photo or fabric can be closely matched to your wedding, honeymoon or any other special event. I created “Caribbean Blue” by using the inlet photo I took during my second visit to St. Thomas.

Do you have a favorite color that you’d like to have on a variety of fashion wear?

If yes, contact me using the form below.

Blue legging

Swim suit

Summer shoes

Summer shoes

Sleeveless dress

Fashion Friday: Neon purple, blue, green and black graphic art fashion wear

My version of an ideal world would have been to make a full recovery from cancer surgery and be able to focus on being a happy creative. My current world however, is learning to deal with post thyroid cancer surgery pain management. The pro-side is re-discovering how to use hundreds of existing designs on new products until I’m able to get back on track. This is actually a better use of my time, as now, I’m much more in line with being better with coordinating outfits and products.

I love using Polyvore because it helps me pull together items that would complement existing items. For example, this eye catching black, purple, green and blue pattern print can now be mixed and matched on a variety of fashion wear, and fashion accessories!

Re-visiting old designs has been very helpful as I know have to check to see if my older prints are even still online. Some shops tend to discontinue items and/or will redo their entire website eliminating a ton of products. I won’t mention the stores that did that this year but it’s been so much fun adding them back – Not! LOL

Do you have a favorite photo memory that you’d like to see transformed into graphic art for your home? If yes, contact me using the form below.


Neon purple, green and blue 4748 tote bag
Neon purple, green, blue and black graphic art full color tote bag




Orange, red and brown bath room accessories concepts

My Mom was born in October and always seemed to decorate at least one room in our home with autumn colors of orange and brown – her favorite colors. I like using Polyvore to showcase how nice one of my home decor items will look in your house.

What are yours? Share them below using the poll!

Orange, red and brown bath accessories


Consider this red and green holiday fashion idea

One of the reasons I love using Polyvore is viewing how others incorporate my product designs into beautiful collages like this one created by   She added my cute red and green geometric print ballet flats as a red and green fashion accessory. Consider wearing or better yet, bringing along a pair of pretty flats for style and comfort.

Just in time for the upcoming holidays!

Like Red On A Rose


Red flat

Wedding Wednesday: Black, white and red monogrammed wedding unity candle

Personalize your beautiful, black, white and red wedding day with an eye-catching monogrammed unity candle. Easily personalize this striped candle with matching side candles with your initial using a variety of fonts.

Black and white stripes with red circle unity wedding candle
Beautifully designed black, white and red wedding unity candle.

Black and white stripes with red circle unity wedding candle by khoncepts 

Contact me if you are interested in this design using different colors.

Fashion Friday: Hot pink, orange and yellow cloudy day rain gear and accessories

Khoncepts hot pink, neon orange and sunshine yellow combined in a cheery swirl of color on a cloudy, rainy or snowy day. It’s almost as if fine art is hanging on you rather than nailed to a wall.

What colors would make your rainy day more cheerful?

Khoncepts cloudy day watercolor fashion wear


Pink dress

Pink legging

Yellow shoes

White purse

Pink purse

Yellow umbrella

Star sticker

Rain coat

Sunday Sales Summary: Images of Boston, MA

I’ve sold my images and graphics using print on demand sites since December 2005. Khoncepts on CafePress.com was actually my first POD site.  For the last 8 months I’ve been looking at ways to reach more customers. This has been a bit tricky as the sites where I happily sell my art are the ones that capture client email addresses.

I’ve been trying out different methods that fit my laid back personality yet will reach a broader client base. Many months prior to major surgery (Sept 9th) I was investigating methods of email list building using my current Godaddy website host  but recovering from surgery has proved to be almost more than I can handle at the moment. Tip to those who are “looking into email marketing”, make it happen. Get help and figure it out so that should the unthinkable happen, your marketing systems will be in place and working for you during the times when you can’t.

Many thanks to the customers for your Boston t-shirt purchases!


Take the poll below choosing the Print on Demand sites you use.

Top sellers from my CafePress store
Top sellers from my CafePress store

Wearable Wednesday: Black and gold kaleidoscope 2613 square dress

Super summer fun fashion attire for cruises, summer outings, baby showers and so much more! Dress it up with accessories such as high heels, fancy sandals, statement jewelery and enjoy all the wonderful compliments.

Day or evening fashion for her.
Day or evening fashion for her.

Wearable Wednesday: Bikini bathing gear

Matching signature black, white and red beach gear for her! Visualize wearing this gorgeous black, white and red bikini with matching wrap scarf and weekend bag.

Black, white and red ellipticals bikini beachwear
Black, white and red ellipticals bikini beachwear