Fashion Friday – Patterned Leggings with Matching Bandanas

Abstract patterned leggings with matching fashion accessories
Very comfy, feel great and look stylish wearing a fabulous pair of leggings with matching bandanas, tote bags and even flip flops in most cases. These Yellow and Gray Tapestry selections are perfect for New England autumn weather. Enjoy viewing selections in my shop or feel free to contact me below for specific colors relating to your upcoming special event.

Thank you! Aundrea Celeste

Fashion Friday – Living Coral Swirls 3562 Graphic Art

A broken necklace creates beautiful abstract art
Creating art from a broken necklace and a photograph.

It’s a wonderful feeling each year when Pantone announces their color of the year selections and I know I already have a few designs using that particular color. 2019 was announced as “Living Coral” and yippee I had a few coral patterns and happily added more like this pretty marble swirls abstract.