Travel Tuesday: Colorful, personalized travel coffee mugs using

Periodically I like purchasing products from my different stores, checking for quality, color accuracy, packaging and printing.

My Celeste Sheffey’s Zazzle Gift Store had a nice 40% of sale on mugs so I designed four with a few favorite travel images with me actually in the photo. With a house full of people, I figured adding my photo will help keep them from being used. 🙂

Designing the white mugs on Zazzle requires a bit of planning.
I knew I wanted my image placed in the center, with text on the side, the location and the date of the trip.

  • First, I chose a colorful image of me.
  • Next, I went on the site, chose the option to Create and picked the mug
  • I then went to the top, far right side of the page and unchecked Advanced tools
  • The Select Background Color then became visible. Be sure to click Show More, if you don’t see a color that will either complement and/or match the image you plan to use
  • Once I’ve selected the color, I checked the Advanced Tools and added the image, sizing it and centering it until I was happy with the result
  • From here you can choose to Post for Sale as a seller
  • Or Add To Cart to purchase

As you can see from my collage, the four mugs were very well packaged in bubble wrap. The colors and text came out exactly as shown online. An added bonus is receiving a discount on future orders once I give a review of my product.

Enjoy!! and let me know if I can help you by creating mugs for you. It’s a process that I actually love doing.

pink-polka-dot-smiley-face Happy Travel Tuesday!

Personalizing coffee mugs helps when you keep track of them when you have roommates
Wonderful photo travel memento coffee mugs
Photo travel mug of Celeste Sheffey in Aruba

Black, white and red kaleidoscope flowers 9054

For lovers of red, black and white! Home decor and fashion attire featuring black, white and red graffiti art transformed into this stunningly bold floral kaleidoscope design 9054.

Also showing are six additional new artworks in the pipeline to complete.

Send me your favorite 3 colors and let me work a little magic.

Red, black and white graphic art

Wearable Wednesday: Khoncepts business fashion Gifts

Imagine the total excitement of receiving or giving  personalized headphones! Just one or as many as you like.
This pair are on order for me and as with all my product designs, are highly anticipated to arrive in my mailbox.

One happy, additional feature is the fact that I don’t believe the young males in my household will ever ask to borrow them. 🙂
I showed my 18 year old son the business logo design and he immediately asked me to make him a pair per his color specifications.
I’m smiling as I think of how his friends will be keeping me very busy as well as my clients and hopefully my readers.

Hmmm, I’m thinking the theme this year for Christmas  for all the grandchildren will be customized headphones. I may even
purchase extras and give them to folks who insist loudly sharing their music and movies on public transportation.

If you love the idea of gifting a pair of personalized headphones, complete my contact form below!

What’s your business fashion gift ideas?

Personalized headphones
Personalized headphones helping to promote your business.
  • Solid glass design panels designed to be scratch resistant and look awesome.
    Vegan leather padding ensures maximum comfort for extended listening.
    On-ear swivel cup designed to allow for makeshift speakers.
    40mm drivers transmit a 20hz-20,000hz response range.
    5′ braided interchangeable break-away cord to resist tangling in your bag.
    Cord has built-in answer button and a microphone to seamlessly take calls.
    Standard 1/8 inch headphone jack.


iPad case

Khoncepts new iPad sleeve case


Sturdy, well made Luggage Tag

Luggage tag
new business logo, new business luggage tag


Shower Curtain

Shower curtain can be used as photo backdrop with photo or just text.
Shower curtain can be used as photo backdrop with photo or just text.


Wearable Wednesday: Mom with a heart laptop bag

Great design for Moms (like me!) who love elegantly simple black, white and red art.

Upgrade Mom’s (or your) daily commute with a customized Rickshaw laptop bag! Made in San Francisco with a focus on sustainability and durability, this laptop bag stands up to daily wear ‘n tear. Personalize by changing the edging color, adding a design, more text, even a photo all printed on the front flap. Added bonus of lots of pockets and compartments for everything from a 15” laptop to a journal, this laptop bag will make it easy to take it all with you each day.

Sign up for email alerts for fabulous sales and discounts and once you are a customer, spend a few dollars more for Zazzle Black shipping! One flat fee for 12 months of shipping.

  • Dimensions 11″ H x 15.75″ W x 4.75″ D.
  • Water resistant, extra durable construction.
  • Holds up to 15″ laptop (sleeve included).
  • 2 large front pockets and rear organizational pocket.
  • Magnetic silencers, Velcro, and clip flap fasteners.
  • Made with a sustainability focus in San Francisco, CA.

Rickshaw Commuter Laptop Bag


Mom with a red heart laptop commuter bag
Great design for Moms (like me!) who love elegantly simple black, white and red art.
Elegantly bold "Mom with a heart" computer bag.
Elegantly bold “Mom with a heart” computer bag.

Mom with a red heart laptop commuter bag by CelesteSheffey