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Up until September 2016, I used to be out and about everyday, walking for hours and taking pictures along the way. Now, due to painful internal neck scar tissue adhesion issues, being outdoors is very carefully planned as to where I’m going and the level of activity which is why I love escorted tour companies.

Recently, I treated my son to a 21st birthday trip to Iceland using Great Value Vacations. They did an excellent job, all we had to do was get on and off the bus on time. 🙂 On one of our scenic stops were cute, little fairy houses. The original photograph is shown in the upper right hand corner of the above image. Using a few fun, filter iPad apps helped transform the slightly plain image into seven stunning autumn portraits, one of which I’m sharing with you.

Trying to remain being a half glass is full person has been challenging so it’s gratifying to have found another creative outlet.

Coming soon! Postcards, small posters, greeting cards and shower curtains using this design.


Home Decor – Pink Cabbage Rose 5072

Pink cabbage rose triangles 5072 area rug is a stunningly beautiful hot pink cabbage rose photograph transformed into floating shades of pink triangles using one of my many iPad apps. I see art everywhere!



Several items were created to match the rug including throw pillows and shower curtains that can also be used as widely bold window curtains.

Click the pictures to view these items in my online shops.

Thank you!

Fashion Friday: Pastel color chalk transformed into artistic ladies tote bag fashion accessories

Quality crafted pastel colored chalk tote bags
Photographic art transformed into wearable art.

Fashionably fun, quality crafted, pastel chalk tote bag ladies accessory. Inspired by a random board painted with light colored chalk while strolling around downtown Ann Arbor during a first visit to Michigan.

My friend was like what are you taking a picture of?

LOL, After a fantastic 7 day visit, now she gets me.

Turn chalk colors into a ladies bag
Fashionably fun quality crafted pastel chalk tote bag ladies accessory

Black, white and red kaleidoscope flowers 9054

For lovers of red, black and white! Home decor and fashion attire featuring black, white and red graffiti art transformed into this stunningly bold floral kaleidoscope design 9054.

Also showing are six additional new artworks in the pipeline to complete.

Send me your favorite 3 colors and let me work a little magic.

Red, black and white graphic art

Wearable Wednesday: Creating fashion with rocks

Print all over me is one of four print on demand stores I use to design home decor, gifts and conversational wearable art. “Print All Over Me is an online platform for real-world collaboration and creation. We provide the tools that allow anyone to create, share, own, and produce their designs by uploading artwork that can be applied to seasonal collections of clothing and objects.”

Polyvore is a wonderfully visual tool for designers and those who need a bit of assistance picturing the end product. “Polyvore simplifies online shopping by bringing together all the stores in one convenient place. Then we curate it all into a personalized boutique just for you, making it even easier to discover and shop for looks you love.”  Polyvore successfully allows me to pull designs from any of my stores and “curate” them into one creative board. It’s one thing to see the dress alone, however surrounding it with fashion options, dressy or casual and more enables possible buyers to experience an aha moment and quite possibly lets them picture how it would look on them.

Photography provides the initial first design step, stores such as Print All Over Me, provides the second by giving artists the ability to apply graphics like this photo of rocks I took in Oahu to be used as fashion. Polyvore provides the third step by letting us pull it all together in a visual and emotional, I want to have it manner.

What’s in your closet?!

Photo-graphic fashion design
Fashion using photography and graphic art


Beach dress

Pink dress

Khoncepts Kaleidoscope Designs with Music

Photography has brought even more joy into my life in these last three years. Photography has transformed into my very visually abstract Kaleidoscope graphic arts. Using Photography and Graphics (photo-graphics) as the basis of my designs is fun, creatively relaxing and on many occasions, an hour or two will quickly flow by. An added skill set I’m working on is learning how to create my own music using the Garage Band App on my iPad so that I can post my designs on sites like YouTube without worrying about musical copyright issues. Would you believe, 30 minutes after I posted this video, I received an invitation to enter a “International MUSIC TALENT CONTEST”. A totally an unexpected result but super pleasing nevertheless. Please note your speaker volume.  🙂

Blue and Purple Stained glass design by Celeste Sheffey

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