August 12, 2008 – my first time visiting Lucerne, Switzerland

My first stop during my first visit to Lucerne, Switzerland











This throwback Saturday photo was taken by my eldest child,  when I was 53 years old visiting Switzerland for the first time.
My two daughters, one of their friends and I took a Trafalgar motor bus tour from London to Rome. I didn’t even know about The Lion Monument until we arrived in the city, got off the bus and walked over with the tour guide and other travel passengers. I was happy that the ten day tour included spending two nights in Lucerne. The first day was a bit drizzly, the next day however, was a gorgeously sunny, blue sky day for enjoying the countryside.

Fashion Friday – Hot Pink Bougainvillea dress and gift bag designs












Pretty hot pink Bougainvillea plant inspired this stunning Boho square dress and these beautiful gift bags. It took awhile to adjust the photo to properly fit the medium and large size gift bags but the end results came out amazingly well.

Photo was taken in Ochos Rios, Jamaica.

P.S. I think this style dress would look fantastic on former First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Hot Pink Bougainvillea Square Dress

Signing a super large Happy Retirement card is now available.

Happy Retirement – Ocean scene Card
A picturesque photo of a huge wave spilling over lava rocks on Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda. Wonderful card for an office retirement celebration.

Fabulously large ocean scene Happy Retirement Card.












Contact me regarding other types of retirement cards!

Using your personal photos to create wireless keyboard designs

My first wireless keyboard design featuring my popular photo image of a wave crashing against lava rocks on a Bermuda beach. Still debating whether my graphic art would translate well to this type of product🤔but I’m more than willing to help you design one as a personal gift.

Sunday Summary Sales Smiles – Postcard collage of Hawaii

Heavenly Hawaii photo collage memories of sandy beaches, turquoise water, purple sunsets, waterfalls and pineapples!

Sending lovely thanks to my customer for choosing to make this purchase and who lives in Hawaii! 🙂

Pretty images of Hawaii
Heavenly Hawaii photo collage postcards

Sunday Sales Summary Smiles – Travel Photographic Gifts

Sunday Sales Summary Smiles😊
While battling an aggressive virus for the past two weeks, I was still able to find a few big Smiles with each new customer purchase.
Clearly, with the exception of the car bumper sticker, the Travel images continue to be the top favorites. THANK YOU!💙

Super big thank you to make Zazzle customers!

Grand Turk Photo Collage Postcard

Grand Turk Photo Collage Postcard

by CelesteSheffey

Tapestry of Purple and Orange Bumper Sticker



Sunday Sales Summary – Sint Maarten Mugs!

Thanking my new customer in California for her 3 purchases of this lovely oceanscape designed Sint Maarten mugs!:-)

This timeless photograph was taken during my first visit to Sint Maarten in 2007 spending five exciting days touring the island. My first tour guide was a woman who owned a car company and was a referral of the hotel concierge. We agreed on a flat rate of four hours with unlimited stops for me to take photos, one of which was this white picket fence overlooking the ocean. Hiring her was a fabulous way to get a good feel of the island.

Sunday Sales Summary - Sint Maarten Mugs!
Thanking my new customer in California for her 3 purchases of this lovely oceanscape Sint Maarten mugs! 🙂


White mug

White mug

White mug

Sunday Sales Summary: Images of Boston, MA

I’ve sold my images and graphics using print on demand sites since December 2005. Khoncepts on was actually my first POD site.  For the last 8 months I’ve been looking at ways to reach more customers. This has been a bit tricky as the sites where I happily sell my art are the ones that capture client email addresses.

I’ve been trying out different methods that fit my laid back personality yet will reach a broader client base. Many months prior to major surgery (Sept 9th) I was investigating methods of email list building using my current Godaddy website host  but recovering from surgery has proved to be almost more than I can handle at the moment. Tip to those who are “looking into email marketing”, make it happen. Get help and figure it out so that should the unthinkable happen, your marketing systems will be in place and working for you during the times when you can’t.

Many thanks to the customers for your Boston t-shirt purchases!


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Top sellers from my CafePress store
Top sellers from my CafePress store

Electric Blue and Black Yoga Khoncepts

This Fashion Friday’s Electric neon purple, blue, green and black 4745 began as a photo of a peacock’s colorful feathers translated into this wonderful conversational pair of yoga pants with matching sneakers, Bodycon dress and even a pretty awesome umbrella.


Electric Blue and Black Yoga Khoncepts


Activewear pants

Size & Fit

  • Full length leggings
  • Model is 5’10” and wearing a size S
  • Compression fit due to high spandex content; our leggings hug in all the right places and suit all body types

Fabric & Care

  • Material: Ultra-stretch ecopolyester spandex blend (88% polyester, 12% spandex)
  • High spandex composition means compression fit won’t lose shape
  • Machine wash cold, lay flat to dry
  • Vibrant print won’t fade after washing




12 pages of monthly magical art

Discover happily anticipating each month, as 12 pages unfold with a featured image. Each calendar was painstakingly designed with love and fun.
Typically it takes about 4 hours
 to create  just one exciting keepsake calendar. 🙂

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