The process of creating the “Yellow Teddy Bear Floral Calendar”

Teddy Bear Sunflower 1863 Collage Calendar

Transforming a beautiful photograph of a fluffy, pillowy looking bright yellow Teddy Bear Sunflower into a stunning 12 page calendar. Each month of the calendar features a new graphic art designed from this incredible floral photo shown on the last page.

Once an image is selected:

  • 14 total patterns for each wall calendar are composed
  • each new pattern is sized to fit the calendar page
  • patterns are chosen and named for each month in the files for easier uploading
  • collages are created for the front and sometimes the back of each calendar
  • 12 prints are then uploaded to the online calendar – one for each month, as well as the cover and back pages
  • is inconspicuously added to the very bottom of each design

and yes, I love the entire process and thought it’s be even more entertaining to learn how to create and also add music, appropriate to the pattern.


Music by using GarageBand
Art By

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Page with additional calendar with music videos

Magic Markers and House Music

Rainbow colored magic markers calendar and a bit of Garage Band House Music fun.

Rainbow colored magic markers transformed into a colorful monthly calendar found here.  Personalize by adding photos or special text.

12 eye-catching primary rainbow designs, one for each month of the year.

Bright reds, gorgeous greens, sunny yellows, neon orange, aqua blues and rich purples beautifully displayed in your home or office accompanied by bright, uplifting mood matching music for you before heading out for the weekend.

Art and Khoncepts Drum House Music by

Click here for additional calendars and tunes.

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Sunday Sales Summary: Island life

Popular postcards featuring Hawaii and Sint Maarten
Last week’s popular product sales summary

It’s totally amazing how, 7 and 9 years later these Hawaii and Sint Maarten postcard photographs continue to be favorites of clients worldwide. Do the images evoke fond memories? or are they shots of places they’ve visited and possibly are now enjoying a different viewpoint?

Thank you for the splendid purchases. You inspire me to continue seeing and snapping my version of the world.



Fashion Friday: Khoncepts black and purple gym gear

My version of an ideal world would have been to make a full recovery from cancer surgery and be able to focus on being a happy creative. My current world however, is re-discovering how to use hundreds of existing designs on new products until I’m able to get back on track. This is actually a better use of my time, as now, I’m much more in line with coordinating outfits rather than just a one and done.

Re-visiting old designs has been very helpful as I know have to check to see if my older prints are even still online. Some shops tend to discontinue items and/or will redo their website eliminating a ton of products. I won’t mention which store did that this year but it’s been so much fun adding them back – Not!

One example of pulling together items from two of my online shops is this eye catching black, purple, green and blue print yoga pant with matching sneakers, sports bra, tote bag and rain jacket.  Fashion Friday, “classy and fabulous”.

Khoncepts black and purple gym gear
Fashion Friday: Khoncepts black and purple gym gear


Friday Fashion: His and Her Black and White Diamonds

Bold black background with floating white diamond shapes. Perfect for fashion for her and totally great accessories for him. There’s just something special about the clean elegance of black and white print designs.

Black and White Fashion for Him and Her
His and Her Fashions – Black and White

Wet, tropical, Boston December morning

I arrived to my destination a hot, wet, sticky mess due to the almost tropical damp Boston weather this morning, the day before Christmas. I enjoy almost two miles of beautiful scenery each morning and always wear walking clothes because I know I will need to change out of them into dry “work” outfits.

Below are 15 colorful, holiday photos I took using my iPad Pro on a very dreary, December morning. I have no idea who or what I’d be if I couldn’t take pictures of things that bring a smile to my face and elevates my spirit.

What grounds you and brings special joy to your life?
Photo collage of pretty Christmas decorations on a misty morning

Mom, Dad and Baby Matching Fashion Khoncepts

My ever growing family gave me a few “khoncepts” of creating uniquely fun, matching Mom, Dad and Baby Fashions.  This set of super fabulous unisex pastel stripes can be worn during baby shower reveals and/or any event where Mom, Dad and baby can match with an item or two.

Pastel Stripes – Khoncepts Zazzle Store Collection
Pastel Strips – Khoncepts PAOM Store

Pastel Rainbow Stripes for Boys or Girls

Eye catching rainbow stripes in warm pastel colors for boys or girls! Unisex gifts provide the best possible option especially if someone is expecting twins :-).

Don’t you love the fact the shower curtains are soft, washable and can be used as regular window treatments. Another two for one bonus! Matching gift bags and tissue paper will be added soon.

Do you love the warm pastels or bold primary colors?

Beautifully soft pastel rainbow colored baby gift ideas.
Beautifully soft pastel rainbow colored baby gift ideas.

Purple Iris in Pencil Photographic-Art

Macro photo of the inside of a lovely purple iris applied with a slight pencil sketch effect by

Photo-Graphic Floral Art
Photo-Graphic Floral Art

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