Using your personal photos to create wireless keyboard designs

My first wireless keyboard design featuring my popular photo image of a wave crashing against lava rocks on a Bermuda beach. Still debating whether my graphic art would translate well to this type of product🤔but I’m more than willing to help you design one as a personal gift.

Wednesday whimsey – red travel memento wall

Beautiful red wall featuring travel mementos

Being home on medical disability has been fun for my longtime friend/handyman with my new home projects. My formerly blah, white wall is now a gorgeous red travel memento memory display. My very first trip anywhere was at the age of 35 to Nassau, Bahamas for a glorious five day, only me vacation. My wonderful parents agreed to watch my children. While there, I collected bags of seashells, conch shells and beach sand. I was hooked and that began my international collection of sand, rocks, seashells and gold bracelet charms from every country I’ve visited.

I chose  and paid for the shelving and brackets on Home Depot for my handyman to pick up. He brought me a few red paint samples to choose from. Home Depot stated I would have to come to the store to have the paint mixed so I sent my future son-in-law to do this for me.

Currently I’m very severely limited in how I can travel and what I can do but I’m not totally down and out and am looking forward to adding a few more collectibles.

This wall makes me so very happy.

Sunday Sales: Switzerland Souvenirs

There is only one regret I have regarding my fantastic August 2009 ten day motor bus London to Rome trip that included passing through Lucerne, Switzerland was not thinking to purchase a gold Switzerland while I was in Lucerne for two nights.

It’s super exciting that I was able to take such timeless images that folks still enjoying 8 years later from Zazzle Store.

Highlight Photo collage of a visit to Lucerne Switzerland
Beautiful photo collage of Lucerne, Switzerland

Travel Tuesday: Spirit of Detroit gold charm

"The Spirit of Detroit is a city monument with a large bronze statue created by Marshall Fredericks and located at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center on Woodward Avenue in Detroit, Michigan, USA."
Fantastic visit of downtown Detroit, Michigan

Planning a trip to a new place for me involves 3 things:

1) How will I get there?
2) Will I be able to purchase a gold charm for my bracelet of the city, state or country I am visiting?
3) What are the top things I must do while I’m there?

When  I first wrote this short list, I wrote it in a more sensible way but it wouldn’t have been true, for me, so yes #2 comes before touring. Once I’ve booked a trip, my next step is googling and calling jewelry shops in the area, to be sure they actually have the gold charms in the store. I do not want to order them online. Where is the sporting fun in that? 🙂

I was totally and pleasantly blown away during my first two hours of visiting downtown Detroit! The Riverfront was amazingly scenic, the restaurants were plentiful and there were statues everywhere. In fact, by the time my friends showed me The Spirit of Detroit statue, I almost passed up the opportunity to snap a quick shot. Luckily, I took two quick ones and kept it moving. Did I mention it was a surprisingly hot and sunny Saturday June morning and I had traveled 17 hours from Boston, MA to Detroit by Amtrak? Yes indeed.

We celebrated Father’s Day with a delicious BBQ feast in their gorgeous tree lined suburban backyard home while planning out our next few days that included finding a jeweler who had charms in stock. Surprisingly, I could not find one online store located in the downtown Detroit area that had gold charms.

Gold charm mission excitedly accomplished right in their neighborhood. I called ahead my first day in town and the salesman was nice enough to text me a photo of the charm which turned out to represent “The Spirit of Detroit”. I’m glad I listened to my intuition as I know have a photo of the statue and it’s sister charm.

Happy conclusion to a whirlwind six day visit.


Fashion Friday: Pastel color chalk transformed into artistic ladies tote bag fashion accessories

Quality crafted pastel colored chalk tote bags
Photographic art transformed into wearable art.

Fashionably fun, quality crafted, pastel chalk tote bag ladies accessory. Inspired by a random board painted with light colored chalk while strolling around downtown Ann Arbor during a first visit to Michigan.

My friend was like what are you taking a picture of?

LOL, After a fantastic 7 day visit, now she gets me.

Turn chalk colors into a ladies bag
Fashionably fun quality crafted pastel chalk tote bag ladies accessory

Wedding Wednesday: Super St. Patrick’s Day wedding suggestion

Super St. Patrick’s Day shamrock suggestion for 2017! Your St. Patrick’s Day wedding photo background will be quite the conversation piece boldly featuring your name and wedding date!
Consider placing the shower curtain behind the wedding cake or outdoors for a wildly entertaining photo booth idea.

St. Paddy's Day wedding backdrop suggestion
Shamrocks for a St. Patrick’s day wedding

Wedding Wednesday: What will be your wedding backdrop design

Wonderful wedding suggestion for photo backgrounds where the the wall or outdoor area may need a bit of dressing up. Send me your wedding colors and let’s see if we can create a beautiful design that can also be used in your home as a lasting memento.

Wedding backdrop idea
Wedding colors of peach, blue and lavender.

How your child can easily bring summer memories to school in the Fall

Make back to school even more exciting by sending your child with personalized school assignment accessories. A few years back, my youngest child and I co-designed his 3 ring binder with two of sketch artwork and a few photos of his trips we took that summer.  He chose the background color of a rich green and the side spine text showing where he had visited. The added benefit of successfully keeping track of the binder all school year was an a bonus.

This summer, consider setting aside a few memorable summer photo and souvenir items of your child’s vacation from school. Scan or take pictures of souvenirs such as movie tickets, park admissions, favorite restaurant menu and more.

Products usually take about ten days to ship. Compile them and depending on the back to school start date, design and order a binder, matching notebook and even a backpack.

I love this process and would be very happy to assist!

Collages can come in a variety of formats. We chose one containing 11 images of different sizes or we could have picked a nine block formatted outlay.

Your child will enjoy having a school accessory designed specifically for them and you’ll be happy knowing you helped keep those great summer memories alive.

Customizing back to school accessories for your child
Personalized back to school accessories

Sunday: Shower curtain birthday memento

My Dad will be 84 years old this July! He is thankfully pretty healthy, causing trouble while being charming in his Memory Care living facility.
Dad currently has a private room and bath but little space for anything other than what is already in his room. As the eldest child and the only girl, I’m practical and creatively thoughtful hence the birthday BBQ shower curtain gift. One of my brothers designed the invite and I added everything I could remember that my Dad has been called, mainly Hey Hey Joe 🙂

The big event will be held outdoors at my cousin’s beautiful home and the curtain will be the backdrop for fun, family photos with Dad, his friends, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and his new great-great granddaughter.

I’m also considering having everyone sign the curtain. What do you think about that idea? Let me know in the poll.

Shower curtains as photo backdrops
Dad’s new shower curtain birthday memento

Saturday Save: 28 year old Daycare Artwork

Saving artwork for 4 children for 12 years was not something I was inclined to do lol. I made sure I took photos of all their work saving only a very few special ones that I still have today!

The photo below is artwork my son did in pre-school when he was 4 years old. 28 years later it still remains in my files. It took a bit of cleaning up in Photoshop but I think I was pretty successful. Once the bits of dirt and scotch tape was removed I added a little bit of tapestry filter updating it just a bit.

Next week will be a few home decor and gift product images with his design as a basis. Any proceeds will go into a special account for his daughter Adrianna. 🙂

What have you done with your children’s drawings.