Throwback Thursday: when my “babies” were babies

Waking up 2 hours early in total back and leg pain gave me the impetus to get dressed and leave the house much earlier than normal, taking an alternate route to downtown Boston, walking and pushing through it,  taking a route I used to enjoy with each of my now grown children and even some of their children. I loved this little park because of the pleasant view of the river and the fun my children had many years ago in this still cute little park.

There was lots of shady trees overhead, wonderful spring breezes and the calming view of the Charles River on my left. Two short bench breaks and one hour later, I made it into town with a bit less pain and a bigger smile on my face. Memories of my babies.


Positively Roxbury, MA

Walking to the bus station each morning is so much nicer than riding a noisy, crowded bus. Each morning usually presents at least one thing that makes me smile. One day I spotted this brightly cheerful mural on a building on the corner of Warren Avenue and Harrison Avenue. I actually had to touch it to see if it was painted or a type of wall decal.

Roxbury, MA has really come a long way since I moved here in 1974. I enjoy the new buildings, upgrades, outdoor artwork and assortment of cultures. Sometimes I have to ask myself am I living in Roxbury or the South End. 🙂

Positively Roxbury
Positively Roxbury

Red Rose in Snow

A freak Boston snow storm, the tail end of autumn, provided amazing photo images such as this one of a perfect red rose peeking above the snow.
The house photo isn’t mine 🙂 however I thought it showcased The Red Rose in Snow shower curtain and matching rug nicely. It evokes holidays but on a subtle level.

Shower curtain and matching bath rug
Red Rose in Snow – Home Decor


Apple Blossoms in the City of Boston

Apple blossoms in the spring.
Apple blossoms in the spring.

My apple tree is showing it’s beautiful hot pink baby buds with vibrant green leaves. I plan to photograph the same branch for the next several weeks and see if I can squeeze in time to create a time lapse project. I live in the inner city so it’s always fun when people walk by and notice there are apples on the tree. I usually pick enough to leave a few in a basket on the stairs for anyone to enjoy.

Snow Bunny

Snow bunny tree
Snow bunny tree

Here’s my cute effort in an attempt to turn around the fact that I waited for the MBTA’s #45 bus on a cold, wet, snowy morning with my feet slowly freezing and my sciatica issue spasming out on me by sharing this photo of a snow covered tree that looks just like a snow bunny to me. Even in the midst of “pain and suffering” 🙂 I like to find some little thing that makes me smile and helps move me past whatever is going on.

Alien life form spotted in Roxbury, MA

When I mention living in Roxbury, MA, people tend to think of projects, slums, drugs, guns and prostitutes. When I photograph Roxbury, I see children going to school, parents waiting with their children at the bus stops, lots fathers at the new playground on Moreland Street with their families, buses croweded with people going to work or appointments. I see life.

I currently live in Roxbury because I continue to enjoy and can afford to live in the townhouse I purchased back in the 80’s along with a tree full of delicious apples and off-street parking (gold). I’m close to downtown Boston. I can ride the trains, call a cab, ride the buses almost anywhere I need to go and when I need a break, I leave the state and recouperate. The main added bonus of living in Roxbury is being able to walk several miles a day to many of my destinations snapping quite an eclectic group of super great pictures. My photo portfolio contains huge mushrooms growing in someone’s yard, to an oddly beautiful decaying home framed with monster sunflowers from the neighbors yard next door. Sunflowers have always intrigued me because I had no idea what I was taking daily photos of until the alien looking spiky thing finally bloomed. Wow, talk about surprised. Life in Roxbury, MA.

Our Ghetto Fabulous Front Yard Apple Tree (Roxbury, MA)

According to the vast majority of folks in Massachusetts, living in Roxbury means, ghetto life, guns, drugs and prostitutes. Unfortunately like a great majority of cities across the nation we do have those things, however, we also have fabulous flower and vegetable gardens, hard working mothers,  fathers and residents, A+ students, people who smile and say hello, racoons, opposums  and sunshine.

Sunshine smiles down on Roxbury too  helping to grow vegetables in the gardens and a variety of fruit trees. We happen to have been blessed with an apple tree in our front yard. Here is a great link about the Roxbury Russett apple trees. We’ll be using our 20 foot apple picking pole once the apples at the top of the tree ripen a bit more. Hoping to share a few delicious apple recipes with photos soon.



















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