Sunday Sales Summary Smiles for August 2019 – Celeste Sheffey Zazzle shops

Thanking my wonderful August Zazzle customers from Canada to France!

Sharing below is a bit of my background story for each of the above items.


Send me a note if you have photos or special colors you’d like to have designed as gifts saving you time and energy by not searching online or in crowded stores! 🙂



Sunday Sales Summary Smiles for July 2019 – Celeste Sheffey Zazzle shops

Thanking my wonderful July Zazzle customers from Pennsylvania to Austria!

Sharing below is a bit of my background story for each of the above items.

  • Ecuadorian Stain Glass 0760 greeting card is a vibrant, multicolor graphic design using a stain glass art filter incorporating my favorite black accent color. I’ve purchased this pattern for my bath towel set and bath mats.
  • Sint Maarten Beach Scene Magnet and Postcard were inspired by a catamaran cruise around the island
  • Labadee, Haiti Magnet taken during a cruise aboard Royal Caribbean’s Enchantment of the Seas
  • Atlantic City Boardwalk Pop Art Ornament image was taken, during a Memorial Day weekend 2010, even though I’m a Jersey Girl, it was my first visit to the famous Atlantic City.
  • Yellow, White and Gray Stripes bath towel set of cheerful shades of yellow, muted grays and white striped bath decor.
  • Black, Pink and White Stripes Bath Towel Set – Très chic black, pink and white stripes bath towels
  • A perfect summer day photo taken in the Lucerne, Switzerland inspired the Idyllic Swiss Countryside Lampshade
  • One day I used my watercolor paints  to create this pretty Pink, Orange and Yellow Watercolor design. Favor boxes come in several styles
  • Downtown St. Martin Postcard photo was taken from a hill by Fort Amsterdam
  • Iceland Summer Landscape collage represents 6 days of travel throughout Iceland and the Westman Islands.
  • Pastel Rainbow Stripes unisex favor boxes are super fun for baby shower events.
  • Iceland – Puffins Magnet – It was very exciting visiting the Westman Islands of Iceland in August and seeing hundreds of Puffins all along the mountainside.
  • Colorful Grand Turk Photo Collage 9918 Magnet – Fabulous but too short, one day cruise visit to Grand Turk and Caicos island
  • Happy Anniversary with Gold Hearts was one of my days using a new app on my iPad
  • Photo Collage of Jamaica Postcard memories of a short 3 day visit to attend a wedding


Gift Products with links and where they were sold

Send me a note if you have photos or special colors you’d like to have designed as gifts saving you time and energy by not searching online or in crowded stores! 🙂

Travel Tuesday – Summer Visit of Iceland

My youngest son, Justyn and I spent a wonderful Great Value Vacation 6 day trip across Iceland to celebrate his 21st birthday. These 12 fantastic images featured on this crossbody bag represent highlight photos taken from Reykjavik to Westman Island and returning back to Reykjavik.

Iceland Summer Landscape Collage Crossbody Bag

Sending a big Thank You! my new customer in Minneapolis for your Iceland crossbody bag purchase. Please note there is a zipper compartment and an open compartment for your things. Enjoy!

If you have photos of your trip and would like a bag similar to this, contact me below and let’s design one for you.


Thank You Thursday – Sint Maarten – St. Martin themed gift products

My first visit to Sint Maarten-St. Martin was in 2009. It was a wonderful, five day solo visit full of boating, touring, eating and simply enjoying some Mommy alone time. All of my additional visits have added memorable blessings to my life experiences.

The bottom right St. Martin postcard was my first and collage (2009). I decided to update it a bit in 2018 and it too has also become very popular. Thank you to everyone who has visited my online shops this month and gifted people with these colorful Sint Maarten -St. Martin products which were the top images for January.

Today marks 9 years since my first sale on Zazzle!

January 23, 2010 is the date of my first ever sale on Zazzle featuring a beautiful photographic collage postcard of a solo trip I had taken to Sint Maarten – St. Martin.

It’s exciting to see it still remains a very popular collage as another Sint Maarten image sold as recently as January 13, 2019.

A big Thank You! to everyone who has visited my shops. You are amazing.

Thank You Thursday – Mardi Gras Themed Gift Purchases

I had my enlarged and slowly growing right thyroid removed, September 9, 2016. While the cancerous removal was considered “successful”, my life was forever changed with debilitating after effects and internal adhesion scar tissue neck pain. Slowly, ‘fast forward’ to 2019 and I’ve finally gotten a bit of a rhythm with my life, my medical disability and thankfully my art.

Rather than churning out lots of new designs, reworking existing patterns along with colorful presentations have become a new art form in itself and I get to share a fancier way of saying Thank You for visiting my shop and choosing to the make these Purchases!

PS. Mardi Gras is March 5, 2019.

Sunday Sales Summary Smiles for December 2018 – Zazzle Shops

to each person who visits my shops, shares my shop links and the ultimate – enjoys my eclectic view of life through photographic-art. Sharing these monthly summaries of purchases through my Zazzle shops provides me a visual overview of the “flavors of the month”. Travel images continue to be top sellers.

I’m extremely blessed to have been declared “cancer free”, 2 years after surgery.  However the catch-22 is long distance traveling has been severely limited to one annual trip which I gladly accept and look forward to for as long as I’m physically able. 🙂

Looking forward to seeing what 2019 brings all of us!

Laie Beach, Hawaii Postcard
Artistic Aruba Landscape with Divi Divi Tree Postcard
Art Deco Boston Swan Boats Ornament
Grand Turk Photo Collage Postcard
I Heart St. Maarten Ornament
St. George, Bermuda Postcard
Iceland Summer Landscape Magnet
Kwanzaa Art Gift Bag
Skull Boys Neck Tie
Sint Maarten – St. Martin Calendar
St. Maarten – Marigot Bay Magnet
Colorful Images of Switzerland Keychain
Pink, Red and Orange Gradient Throw Pillow
You are Amazing Postcard
Yellow, White and Gray Stripes Bath Towel Set

Sunday Summary Sales Smiles for November 2018- Khoncepts Zazzle Shops

to my customers from the United Kingdom to New Hampshire for visiting and enjoying an assortment of gift selections in a few of my Zazzle shops during the month of November featuring travel photos, colorful graphic art home decor and sentiments using fun fonts!


You Are Amazing Greeting Card
San Juan, Puerto Rico Postcard
Sint Maarten – St. Martin Beach Scene Magnet
Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda Ornament
Happy 50th Anniversary Bottle Label
Neon Pop Art 4544 Bermuda Throw Pillow
Shades of Pink Stripes Tissue Paper
Red, Orange and Yellow Watercolor Gradient Fabric
Sint Maarten – St. Martin Ocean Blue Seascape Postcard
Neon Pop Art 4544 Bermuda Tote Bag
Grand Turk Postcard
St. Thomas Scenic Photo Collage Magnet
Iceland Summer Landscape Collage 3 Ring Binder
Downtown St. Martin Classic Round Stickers
St. George Bermuda Postcard
Marigold Mandala Postcard
Astral Gummy Bears Ornament
Embossed Chalk Shades of Purple and Red Kitchen Towel
Sint Maarten Photo Collage Magnet
Boston Swan Boats Pencil and Ink Greeting Card
Iceland Summer Landscape Collage Medium Gift Bag
Military Inspired Green and Brown Gift Wrapping
Pastel Rainbow Stripes Bath Towels
Oranjestad, Aruba in Watercolor Postcard
Sint Maarten – St. Martin Ocean view Puzzle
Sint Maarten Photo Collage Postcard
St. Martin and Marigot Bay Postcard
Black, White and Red Bathroom Set
Neon Pop Bermuda 4544 Greeting Card

Sunday Sales Summary Smiles for October 2018 – Zazzle shops

It is still so exciting to be able to touch customers emotions who enjoy my style of travel photography and art designs. I truly appreciate you and thank you! Links to each item are listed below.

Neon Pop Bermuda 4544 Ornament
Bermuda Wave Magnet
Sint Maarten – St. Martin Beach Magnet
Photo Collage of Jamaica Greeting Card
Labadee, Haiti Square Magnet
St. Thomas Scenic Photo Collage Stickers
Iceland Summer Landscape Magnet
Black and White Striped Soap Dispenser Set
Sint Maarten – St. Martin Beach Scene Magnet
Sint Maarten – Saint Martin Photo Collage Magnet
Black, Brown and Gray Paint Splatters 2792 Bath Mat
Black, Brown and Gray Paint Splatters 2792 Bath Towel Set
Sint Maarten – St. Martin Beach Scene Square Magnet
Sint Maarten – St. Martin Beach Scene Postcard
Autumn Foliage – Boston, MA Postcard
Bold Rainbow Stripes Greeting Card
You Are Amazing! greeting card
Red, White and Green Tissue Paper
Colors of Bermuda MoJo Pillow

Contact me below if you have specific color combinations you’d like explore for home, office or school dorm spaces.

Monthly Summary Sales Smiles for June 2018 in Zazzle Shop

One of my favorite posts is thanking the customers who’ve visited my online shops and chose to make their fabulous purchases. I wish I could thank them directly.

Bermuda mugs
Bermuda postcard
Haiti postcard
Switzerland magnet
Laie, Hawaii postcard
St. George, Bermuda Postcard
Happy Birthday Skulls postcard
Black and White Stripes shower curtain
Gruene, Texas – Guadalupe River postcard
St. Martin – Marigot Bay postcard
St. Maaarten photo collage postcard
Sint Maarten Beach scene postcard