Throwback Thursday – unexpectedly wonderful visit to Jardines del Buen Retiro Park in Madrid, Spain

Planning and traveling with painful surgical after effects hasn’t totally discouraged me but has made me even more appreciative of new experiences. My favorite travel company Great Value Vacations posted a fabulously priced vacation package  in November 2017 to Madrid, Spain. I immediately booked it for August so that my son could celebrate his 22nd birthday in Spain.

Due to my recurring medical issue, on day three, I was stuck in my hotel room until 3pm which was fine for my son who was a bit jet lagged and napped until I could manage to leave the room.

We chose to visit the enormous public park located in Madrid. It was well worth the visit and was only a 10 minute walk from our hotel on Calle de Atocha. Thankfully, there are plenty of benches throughout the park, most of them under tall, shady, breeze inducing trees for those folks like me who have to take frequent rest breaks.

Featured in my  collage:
The Crystal Palace in Madrid
The artificial lake to the Monument to Alfonso XII
Retiro Park in Madrid

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