Travel Tuesday – Waterfront Boston Staycation

I managed to string together four decent days of feeling pretty well, so my oldest son and his family drove into Boston, picked me up, to spend a relaxed day in town. It’s been a few years since I’ve been to the New England Aquarium. Taking pictures through glass is tricky but I had fun using my iPad to take approximately 30 decent photos without reflections of background lights and people, lol.  My 6 yr old granddaughter bravely touched the stingrays and absolutely had to see the 5pm seal show. We left the aquarium fifteen minutes before it closed and walked up to listen to a talented violinist named violinviiv.  The girls happily ran over to contribute money to the artist’s bucket and keeping their momentum going, we headed down the street to Tia’s for dinner.

Eating a kids meal pizza at Tia’s, was my 3 year old granddaughter’s favorite part of the day. Located near the waterfront, I normally don’t care to sit and eat outside but it was a nice day and my daughter-in-law really wanted the staycation experience. Our very friendly server Chris, helped make our delectable dining highly enjoyable by being pleasantly entertaining to the girls. 🙂

Christopher Columbus park playground, also by the waterfront was where we let the little ladies run off their excess energy with a later stroll through Faneuil Hall and finally through The Rose Kennedy Greenway. The rainbow color lighted water against the evening backdrop provided an awesome ending to a fabulously family day.

Travel Tuesday – Comic Wall Art of a Plaza in Madrid, Spain

This week’s Travel Tuesday features one snapshot from my trip to Spain. I was so excited to see this plaza is the same location where Forest Whitaker filmed “Vantage Point”. My son had no idea what movie I was referring to haha but I was thrilled to be there and looked forward to jazzing the image up a bit with a few different filter apps once we returned back to our hotel later that evening.

I selected a comic art filter as it obscures the people with the colorful tops creating an eye catching photographic wall home decor.

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Travel Tuesday: The National Cathedral of African Methodism

Discoveries while walking on side streets in DC
Photo of The National Cathedral of African Methodism

Planning Dad’s 84th BBQ birthday party from Boston, MA to be held in Maryland was a year long was another very “successful” endeavor. According to all who attended they had a great time including me and my 16 family members who traveled from Boston to Maryland to celebrate their Pop’s, Great Granddad and Great Great Granddad’s birthday. Yes 5 generations!! Even though we’ve done this for years, this was the first year we had to stay in a hotel.

I decided that it would be fun to stay right in DC. As a former employee, one of my granddaughter’s secured us a fabulous rate with The Westin, 1400 M Street. The location was perfect for us. The Washington Monument was a leisurely 15 minute walk away and as it turns out quite a few interesting historic buildings like The Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E) Church.  were right down the street. Staying in DC gave me the opportunity to show my youngest (19yrs old) how to navigate the city by noticing the streets are numbered /lettered. He was impressed. 🙂

Taking a breather before planning Dad’s next birthday.