Khoncepts serving trays and matching cake pops party

My Mom and Dad attended loads of parties and entertained quite a bit at home. Mom would have loved having and gifting personalized serving trays. Customizing both the serving tray along with deliciously moist cake pops would make a fantastic housewarming gift treat. I’ll be giving my son and his wife a set to celebrate their 1st year of home ownership in July. Shhhh it’s a secret lol

Khoncepts serving trays and cake pops party
Khoncepts serving trays and matching cake pops for your party events


Stylishly patterned sports bras

Stylishly patterned sports bras that can be customized with your favorite colors. I have a free account with print all over me to design a variety of fashion wear and home decor items. This week features a few of my colorfully patterned sports bras paired with a few sports items shown in my Polyvore collage.

The prints chosen were based on the black elastic part of the bra. All of the patterns incorporate black to complement the elastic bottom of each bra.

Share your favorite colors below and let’s design a sports bra for you!

placing cusgtomized designs on white sports bra
Designing a customized patterned sports bra.
Khoncepts stylist sports bras
Stylishly colorful sports bras


Wednesday Wall Art – Metal

Re-creating your children's art in metal wall hangings.
Why it’s a great idea to scan and save your children’s artwork

Don’t just toss their papers. Once they are scanned into digital jpg format you can then re-create them into magnificent works of art. This photo is a watercolor my son did it 1988. It’s one of very few originals I still have but it’s condition is deteriorating so I’m glad I scanned and saved it in my files there was not feelings guilt once I decided to “release” them to my now grown children or the recycle bin.

If you live in the Boston area, I’ll be happy to work with you to scan all of your families memorable works of art!.

Fashionably fun fish flip flops

Imagine wearing a pair of fashionably fun fish flip flops featuring two white and two black Oscar fish swimming in an aquarium with beige and coral rocks.

  • These quality foam rubber flip flops feature soft polyester tops & contoured rubber straps for great comfort…great as beach sandals, pool shoes, or party slippers
  • Womens, Mens & Kids sizes available.

They make a great conversation starter or we could use your personal photo for your own unique design!! Contact me below and let’s have a great summer, our feet will thank us. 🙂

Fun, fish photo flip flops
Fashion Friday – flip flop designs

Wearable Wednesday: Black and gold kaleidoscope 2613 square dress

Super summer fun fashion attire for cruises, summer outings, baby showers and so much more! Dress it up with accessories such as high heels, fancy sandals, statement jewelery and enjoy all the wonderful compliments.

Day or evening fashion for her.
Day or evening fashion for her.

Fashion Friday: Red brick chevron jewelry

Back Bay Boston’s brick sidewalks are often several designs on the same block and sometimes side by side.  One morning I noticed a portion of the sidewalk had this great chevron pattern so I snap a quick photo knowing I would work on it later in the evening by adjusting the color and removing bits of growing greenery in the cracks .

I see art everywhere!  including simple red bricks magically transformed into trendy, eye catching, bright red brick chevron patterned jewelry. Men and women brick layers will appreciate this fabulous design on fashion accessories for him and especially for her featuring these cute heart shaped earrings and necklace.

Red hearts jewelry
Red hearts jewelry


Thirsty Thursday

Beautifully elegant monogram R drink ware, appropriately designed for any occasion. Fill with goodies to make it an extra special gift for someone. Wow, presenting someone with two of these glasses, may be a great way to begin a Valentine’s Day celebration. Especially if you are the man with R as a last name. Lol, just saying!


Standard pint glass, holds 16 US oz. Lead free glass. Hand washing suggested.

Thirsty Thursday drinkware
Thirsty Thursday drinkware

Contact me with your favorite colors and initials.

Fashion Friday: Yellow watercolor fashions for him and her

Eye catching swirls of light, medium and darker yellow gradient watercolors. It’s a terrific fashion idea for a baby shower matching her dress for the baby reveal or a spring wedding event.
Contact me for fun fashion color choices for fun fashion color choices for you!

Matching fashion wear for him and her
Yellow fashion designs for him and her.

Saturday Smile! customized area rug

You have a new space such as an office. You have a nice budget to personalize your space with unique furnishings and now it’s time to decorate.

A gorgeous area rug would be a wonderful accent piece. Much like a gorgeous framed photo. You can search for hours on the internet or you could consider providing me your three favorite colors.

Another fab alternative is to email a personal photo. I would adjust as needed and send you a preview of the final design before purchase.

Spending the majority of our time in a gorgeous work environment can only increase our creativity yes!

My handy design consultation form is Design Consultation Form.

6x4 black white and red ellipticals area rug by

Pastel Rainbow Stripes for Boys or Girls

Eye catching rainbow stripes in warm pastel colors for boys or girls! Unisex gifts provide the best possible option especially if someone is expecting twins :-).

Don’t you love the fact the shower curtains are soft, washable and can be used as regular window treatments. Another two for one bonus! Matching gift bags and tissue paper will be added soon.

Do you love the warm pastels or bold primary colors?

Beautifully soft pastel rainbow colored baby gift ideas.
Beautifully soft pastel rainbow colored baby gift ideas.