Throwback Thursday: when my “babies” were babies

Waking up 2 hours early in total back and leg pain gave me the impetus to get dressed and leave the house much earlier than normal, taking an alternate route to downtown Boston, walking and pushing through it,  taking a route I used to enjoy with each of my now grown children and even some of their children. I loved this little park because of the pleasant view of the river and the fun my children had many years ago in this still cute little park.

There was lots of shady trees overhead, wonderful spring breezes and the calming view of the Charles River on my left. Two short bench breaks and one hour later, I made it into town with a bit less pain and a bigger smile on my face. Memories of my babies.


Thankful Tuesday

#ThankfulTuesday. 2 years ago I suffered debilitating pain from my ankle all the way up to my buttocks. I can honestly say after having 4 children that childbirth was nothing in comparison. TODAY I am so happy to say I’m 85% healed and am back to my daily 2 mile morning walk. I am truly thankful and appreciate every moment my crutches are in the closet and my pain meds remain in the cabinet. 😁. #thankful #healing #powerofpositivethought #blessed #walking