Eclectic photo-graphic art designed tote bags

Imagine how thrilling it was while working on my Pinterest boards to spot an artist’s full color, wrap around art designed tote bags via Society6.
Full color! versus just a small square logo is an amazing discovery and there are no minimum orders. I immediately signed up and preceded to spend four quick hours loading new designs to my newest store,; monograms, Oscar fish,  red roses and more until I very politely received a note (alert) that I had maxed out my upload quota. Who knew there was a daily upload limit which doesn’t happen in my other stores.  Wowsers!  Daydream about giving your out of town wedding guests location specific bags filled with goodies or your best friend’s birthday gift in a gift.

Please enjoy browsing and let me know which tote bag design made you smile. 🙂

Colorfully eclectic graphic art tote bags
Image giving one of these wonderfully colorful tote bags to guests visiting your home or attending your wedding filled with gifts for the occasion.

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