2018 Wall Calendar Art Khoncepts

Hanging a beautiful wall calendar may seem a bit old fashion, however for quite a few of my clients and family members like being able to have a cheerfully visual back-up to  electronic reminders.

My 80+ year old Aunt especially loves wall calendars as she is not on the computer nor uses her phone in that manner. The pretty photo designs were an added bonus for her. Thanks Auntie!

A calendar theme must first be chosen; nature, color combinations or landscapes. Prior to surgery it would’ve generally take one day to chose the images, re-size the images to the correct format, write a brief description for the calendar and then publishing the finish product to the shop.  Currently, even though now it takes a few days, the process still brings loads of enjoyment, especially when viewing the end results.

Visit http://bit.ly/CalendarArt  for more eye catching selections for your home or office.


Home Decor – Pink Cabbage Rose 5072

Pink cabbage rose triangles 5072 area rug is a stunningly beautiful hot pink cabbage rose photograph transformed into floating shades of pink triangles using one of my many iPad apps. I see art everywhere!



Several items were created to match the rug including throw pillows and shower curtains that can also be used as widely bold window curtains.

Click the pictures to view these items in my online shops.

Thank you!

Polyvore Paris Apartment contest collage

As I spend a few, hopefully weeks and not months recovering from major surgery, Polyvore has helped rescue me during the times when I’m not napping. I’m having a bit of fun learning how to showcase my home decor and fashion items using their collage format. Polyvore’s recent #parisapartment contest reminded me of my own two day visit to Paris. Our hotel view was very similar to the sunset one shown below,  only we were located a few more miles away. 🙂

My dream goal is to rent a beautiful place from two weeks to four weeks in different parts of the world every year but I first need to get healthy and pain free enough to leave the house. lol  Isn’t this pretend apartment and view amazing!

Paris apartment view from bathroom
Autumn shower curtain in Paris bathroom

Beautiful ways to personalize wall clocks

Beautifully designed wall clocks are almost like hanging a piece of fine art that also tells time. Picture creatively decorating each room of your home with uniquely artistic wall clocks. Round or square, customize by adding names, dates or photos to personalize each clock as your own.

Go wild! Treat your eyes to a visual feast of your very favorite colors or patterns each morning before you head to work. Smile as you head home knowing you will soon be entering your own personal paradise of colors and designs either at home, the office or even your dorm room.

Best of all, there are no set-up fees and the minimum order is just one!

Lucerne, Switzerland with it’s gorgeous green pastures and idyllic scenery makes a beautiful wall clock. What photos do you have that would be fantastic as a clock?

Wedding Wednesday: Super St. Patrick’s Day wedding suggestion

Super St. Patrick’s Day shamrock suggestion for 2017! Your St. Patrick’s Day wedding photo background will be quite the conversation piece boldly featuring your name and wedding date!
Consider placing the shower curtain behind the wedding cake or outdoors for a wildly entertaining photo booth idea.

St. Paddy's Day wedding backdrop suggestion
Shamrocks for a St. Patrick’s day wedding

Mom, Dad and Baby Matching Fashion Khoncepts

My ever growing family gave me a few “khoncepts” of creating uniquely fun, matching Mom, Dad and Baby Fashions.  This set of super fabulous unisex pastel stripes can be worn during baby shower reveals and/or any event where Mom, Dad and baby can match with an item or two.

Pastel Stripes – Khoncepts Zazzle Store Collection
Pastel Strips – Khoncepts PAOM Store

Red Wood Chips on a rain mist September morning

I love living in the city. I don’t love taking public transportation so I find myself walking as much as possible while enjoying the sights and sounds of nature that others who are constantly walking while texting and reading on their phones miss.

I admit, while a brightly colorful yard full of bright red wood chips on a rain mist September morning may not be exciting to the majority, it brought joy and inspiration to me as shown on a few fashion and home decor Red wood chips 8951 as fashion as home decor.

What’s in your home and closet? 🙂

Red Wood Chips 8951 Graphic Art
Red Wood Chips 8951 Graphic Art

Vivid Purple, hot pink and neon orange bathroom home and dorm room decor

Amazingly colorful bathroom accessories of vivid purple, hot pink and neon orange.
Personalized with these creatively updated tie dye abstract art prints on tie dye shower curtain, tie dye rug, and the soap dispenser/toothbrush holder set.

Who do we know that would love to have these in their home and dorm room!!

Tie Dye Heaven
Tie Dye Heaven