First Visit to San Francisco – Day One by A. Celeste Sheffey

I was fortunate enough to have booked a JetBlue flight for my first visit to the West Coast leaving on a cold rainy Boston  and landing in San Francisco where they were experiencing two of their hottest August days ever during the last five years.  I took a cab to the hotel located on the Embarcadero area which turned out to be a perfect location for me. Right in the city, a two minute walk to the Ferry Building, loads of eateries and free WiFi at Starbucks directly across the street.

After checking into my hotel room, I was pleased to see that I did have balcony windows that when fully opened and by leaning out a bit, allowed me my first view of The Bay Bridge, Port of San Francisco Building and the hustle and bustle of folks heading to work, the trolley cars, city muni buses and sightseeing tour buses.

My plan for Day one – get acclimated, walk around, inquire about  the various tour bus options and simply absorb the sights and sounds of San Francisco.

My evening shots were taken from the end of Pier 14. I was hesitate to walk to the end of the pier but I noticed lots of families, single people and quite a few couples. One woman had a dozen beautiful red roses walking with a nicely dressed gentleman so I offered to take their photo with their camera and asked them if they were celebrating a special occasion and they were – their 1st wedding anniversary in the very place where he proposed- how romantic! So I had a very nice ending on my first day including a few sunset images including the two shown below.

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