Travel Tuesday – Hibiscus Pink and Ocean Blue Bermuda

Traveling from Boston to Bermuda by Norwegian cruise line with two children under the age of 7 was an absolutely fantastic way to celebrate my son and his wife’s 9th wedding anniversary.

Due to my complicated medical issues, my goal to spend time with my oldest son and his family wasn’t going to involve flying, driving or taking the train. Cruising on Norwegian Gem was the perfect answer, we drove to the cruise parking lot, paid the fee, walked a short distance to the terminal, easily checked in and walked onboard, heading to the buffet.

Norwegian Gem has a children’s Splash Academy program that my 3 yr old granddaughter Gigi loved. For the most part, my 6 yr old granddaughter Adrianna really liked it, we just had to be mindful to promote it as fun for her (not just her parents lol). I also volunteered to have the grandbabies sleep in my room for a few nights so Mom and Dad could spend quality time together.

The photo above is me enjoying the wonderful ocean breezes on the top deck and one of the many beautiful images I took of the hibiscus plants throughout Bermuda.

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