Red, green and white holiday home decor and fashion wear

A bit of holiday fun using red and green without screaming it’s Christmas time. For those who may not celebrate the season but will give it a wink and nod of acknowledgement to family and friends who do. I also discovered red, white and green are the colors of the Italian flag making this fashion and home decor pattern great for a few social occasions!

Red and Green Holiday Orbs
Khoncepts Red and Green Holiday Orbs

Red and Green Holiday Orbs by khoncepts

Creating a 12 month hot pink calendar with matching home decor – what was I thinking?

Lots of photographs, loads of graphic art of those photographs and now I have somewhere to combine them into one glorious product – a 12 month calendar!

But what was I thinking?? LOL I had a specific idea in mind, using a colorful collage as the cover of the calendar, featuring each image of the collage for the months January to December.

Sounded easy yes? No. 🙂

  • It took a while to choose and/or create a total of 12 pictures for the months as well as, the front and back cover for 14 altogether.
  • Each one had to be named for easy uploading so that were in the order I needed them to be for the calendar
  • Several hours later,  all were photos were properly sized
  • Each image was entered one by one and looking good as they fit the calendar template per month
  • Calendar was titled
  • Description written and copied to my arts summary document (over 600 pages)
  • Keywords chosen
  • Acknowledged all art was mine
  • and hit post for sale
  • Part 3 – social media postings and website updates

My family stopped commenting on how this makes me so happy. I hope my calendars and matching home decor items brings you a bit of joy as well and yes, I’m setting up new work files for more calendars!

Hot Pink Cabbage Rose 2017 Calendar Designs
Hot Pink Cabbage Rose 2017 Calendar Designs

Combining photography with graphic art
Graphics transforming photography into art.

Sunday Sales: Sold to me!

Personalizing carry-on luggage bags
Very pleased to be able to customize and brand my new luggage carry-on bag!

Super Sunday Sale made by me buying my very own branded luggage bag. I really like the following features:

  • Colors were true to the image uploaded
  • Dimensions: 22″ x 16″ x 8.5″ (cabin proof)
  • Weight: 6.2 lbs; Volume: 1.4 cubic feet
  • Includes TSA approved lock (I’m not sure I will ever use the locks lol)
  • Material: 100% hard shell polycarbonate; super lightweight & impact resistant (appears easy to clean)
  • 360° double spinner wheels
  • Retractable telescopic handle is lightweight with multi-stage locking heights
  • High & lateral handle designed for easy maneuverability
  • Fully lined interior contains multiple mesh & sealed pockets (yes) for improved packing as well as a lid compartment & compression straps for securing & organizing packed items

I’m super excited and all set for my next trip at the end of the month.

Personalized headphone logo

I can help create personalized headphones
I can help create personalized headphones
Custom brand your headphones
Personalized headphones

My photography career transitioned to the professional level in 1996 after the birth of my youngest child in August. Rather than purchase Christmas cards, I decided to use a beautiful photo I took of a red rose in snow, one morning after a Boston snow storm in November 1996. I ordered fifty, 6 x 4 color prints, brought glue sticks, purchased envelopes, and card stock, typing my information on the reverse side, just like the big chain greeting card companies and mailed the cards out to friends and family. The cards were a huge success. Almost everyone that received the Christmas cards called or emailed saying how much they loved the photo.

No minimum orders, safe and secure shopping, various shipping options did I mention No minimum orders to create special gift products for friends, family and clients is why I joined Zazzle in 2010.

18 years later and the red rose in snow greeting cards continues to be an annual favorite. The Red Rose in Snow cards are beautifully printed on glossy card stock. Khoncepts focus for the next 17 years was videotaping and editing events and weddings. Video editing also involved a lot of graphic art work especially for the DVD labels. I had to admit I truly enjoyed the process of designing the perfect graphic art for the DVD labels and the videos and made the decision of easing back into doing more photographic work.

Fast forward to November 2012 and to experiencing the most horrible pain one could ever imagine, sciatic nerve pain from herniated discs. Standing, sitting, sleeping, walking, almost 24 hours of unrelenting pain provided the impetus to finally retire from the videotaping portion of the business.

With the help of my daughter/video assistant I barely managed to make it to November 2013 videotaping my last wedding (sad yet happy tears).

Now, that the pain is down to a manageable achy tightness I’m excitedly enjoying this new phase of the business, that of providing “conversational works of wearable and home decor art” worldwide. Periodically, I purchase my product designs to be sure their quality is top notch such as the beautiful personalized business headphones.

I’m pleased and very happy to love the products I’ve ordered and hope you have the same experience with purchases from my Zazzle store.

Wearable Wednesday: Khoncepts business fashion Gifts

Imagine the total excitement of receiving or giving  personalized headphones! Just one or as many as you like.
This pair are on order for me and as with all my product designs, are highly anticipated to arrive in my mailbox.

One happy, additional feature is the fact that I don’t believe the young males in my household will ever ask to borrow them. 🙂
I showed my 18 year old son the business logo design and he immediately asked me to make him a pair per his color specifications.
I’m smiling as I think of how his friends will be keeping me very busy as well as my clients and hopefully my readers.

Hmmm, I’m thinking the theme this year for Christmas  for all the grandchildren will be customized headphones. I may even
purchase extras and give them to folks who insist loudly sharing their music and movies on public transportation.

If you love the idea of gifting a pair of personalized headphones, complete my contact form below!

What’s your business fashion gift ideas?

Personalized headphones
Personalized headphones helping to promote your business.
  • Solid glass design panels designed to be scratch resistant and look awesome.
    Vegan leather padding ensures maximum comfort for extended listening.
    On-ear swivel cup designed to allow for makeshift speakers.
    40mm drivers transmit a 20hz-20,000hz response range.
    5′ braided interchangeable break-away cord to resist tangling in your bag.
    Cord has built-in answer button and a microphone to seamlessly take calls.
    Standard 1/8 inch headphone jack.


iPad case

Khoncepts new iPad sleeve case


Sturdy, well made Luggage Tag

Luggage tag
new business logo, new business luggage tag


Shower Curtain

Shower curtain can be used as photo backdrop with photo or just text.
Shower curtain can be used as photo backdrop with photo or just text.


Wednesday room of the week – black, white and pink stripes bathroom

Black, white and pink stripes for him and her
Black, white and pink stripes bathroom accessories

Big Daddy’s Man Space

A few years ago, a very good, long time friend of mine mentioned he had an upcoming business trip to Las Vegas. Since I’d never been to Nevada, I promptly invited myself to tag along and he graciously agreed to me accompanying him for three days of business and two personal days.

Due to his business arrangement we were able to stay in a large luxury room. It was amazing. At one point he referred himself as “Big Daddy” and I told him I was going to use it for some of my gift products. Hence, my “Big Daddy” line was started.

Currently, my own room is a combination home office and bedroom giving me an idea on how to showcase  a few “Big Daddy” home decor items.  Thanks to Polyvore, I’m now able to provide prospective clients with a clearer idea of how these items will look in their home.


Big Daddy's Man Space
Big Daddy’s Man Space

Throw pillow

Big Daddy Bean Bag


Most Stylish YouTuber Polyvore Challenge: Meet Bethany Mota

From Wikipedia “Polyvore is a community powered social commerce website. Members curate products into a shared product index and use them to create image collages called “Sets”. Active Polyvore communities exist in the areas of fashion, interior design and artistic expression. As of May 2014, Polyvore received 20 million monthly unique visitors”. In my Inbox this morning were several notices of Polyvore members “liking” several of items and sets of mine, reminding me that it has been minute since I’ve created a new set. Good news for me as to be honest, I much preferred to work with an existing design today rather than creating something new.  🙂  Making the day even better was spotting an interesting Polyvore Challenge.

Most Stylish YouTuber Polyvore Challenge:
Meet Bethany Mota, undoubtedly one of the most fashionable YouTubers around. Create a set inspired by her personal style!

90 minutes, two HG/TV Hawaii Life shows and many re-designs later, the black, white and red umbrella design brought wildly loud clapping as I was finally thrilled with the end result shown below.

Elegantly fun! black, white and red rainy day fashion Khoncepts. 
Mix and match Bodycon dress with raincoat, umbrella and messenger bag.
‘Conversational wearable art’ by

Polyvore Most Stylish YouTuber Challenge: Bethany Mota
Most Stylish YouTuber Challenge: Bethany Mota


My Mom Loved the Holidays

Mom loved the holidays, especially Christmas. She enjoyed the shopping, cooking a fabulous meal, decorating our home, buying and addressing Christmas cards and even wrapping the gifts. When I became a Mom, my parents would make the 90 minute drive to Boston, loaded with a huge Santa bag of gifts for their grandchildren and as the years past, their great grandchildren. Mom also loved to see what type of holiday card design I would dream up each year. That’s not to say Dad wasn’t involved, but Mom was my biggest cheerleader. It’s been exactly 48 months since her Home Going and I still sometimes go to call her about my day. Mom was nothing if unpredictable so I wonder which, of these nine Christmas holiday designs, she would have loved the best this year?

Beautiful red and white Christmas ornaments
Christmas Ornament Home Decor Designs

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Fashion Friday – His and Her Autumn Mosaics Designs

Rich jewel tones fall leaves, wearing knee high boots and coat sweaters, a nice nip in the New England air can we say it’s Autumn! My favorite time of year. Please hold the snow.

Fall fashion colors
Fall fashion colors