Big Daddy’s Man Space

A few years ago, a very good, long time friend of mine mentioned he had an upcoming business trip to Las Vegas. Since I’d never been to Nevada, I promptly invited myself to tag along and he graciously agreed to me accompanying him for three days of business and two personal days.

Due to his business arrangement we were able to stay in a large luxury room. It was amazing. At one point he referred himself as “Big Daddy” and I told him I was going to use it for some of my gift products. Hence, my “Big Daddy” line was started.

Currently, my own room is a combination home office and bedroom giving me an idea on how to showcase  a few “Big Daddy” home decor items.  Thanks to Polyvore, I’m now able to provide prospective clients with a clearer idea of how these items will look in their home.


Big Daddy's Man Space
Big Daddy’s Man Space

Throw pillow

Big Daddy Bean Bag


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