“Marigold Mandala” a Photo – graphic Art story by Celeste Sheffey

Photo – graphics  is a combination of two word describing my very favorite type of  art design.

 Photo – graphics nicely melds my right brain, left brain processing areas by incorporating my love of the visual (photography)  and my patience with spending as much time as it takes to tweak and twist and manipulate my photos into a fun photo project such as my new Marigold Mandala postcard design.

When I think back, I remember, as a child, having a Kaleidoscope toy. I would literally sit for long periods of time slowly turning the end of the tube watching as each piece  would gently fall and being amazed as I created yet another brand new pattern. 

It’s thrilling to now have the capability of re-visiting one of my favorite childhood activities by creating graphic kaleidoscope designs using my photography images as a starting point.

For the past four years I’ve used several software programs containing kaleidoscope functions starting with Microsoft Digital Suite which they no longer sell but I still have 🙂 to installing Pixelmator on my MAC.  The Marigold Mandala design was created using Pixelmator software and a photo of one marigold. 

How amazing to be able to combine a wonderful childhood activity with my favorite passion of photography creating Photo – graphics

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